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Maths problems at 'Sparks and Spencers'

Maths problems at 'Sparks and Spencers' 1
Maths problems at 'Sparks and Spencers' 2
In recent maths lessons Egypt class had been using my shop, 'Starks and Spencers' to purchase and return goods. This gave us a chance to practice the skills we have been learning in our maths lessons in a real life context. The class really enjoyed this activity and I feel it had a great benefit.
Picture 1 Concentrating
Picture 2 Getting to grips with the Bee-Bot and its controls
In order to learn about quarter turns the children used Bee-Bots, small robotic toys which move with commands. Small tracks were placed on the floor and the children had to use the directional buttons on the back of the Bee-Bot to move it around.
Picture 1 Simon and Angel show their excellent acting skills
Recently Egypt class studied the famous story 'Midsummer Night's dream' and attempted to make a play script according to a short cartoon version of the book. In order to help them with this they were asked to act out various scenes to get an idea of the stage and character directions that would be needed.
Picture 1 The concentration!!
Picture 2 The group working well together.
In Science Egypt class were looking at magnets. They performed several experiments to try and find if the size of the magnet had an effect on its magnetic strength and the distance at which it can begin to attract objects with magnetism. They worked extremely hard at using bar charts in order to show their results in a scientific way. Of course all the children found that the size of the magnet DID have an effect on its strength.
Picture 1 Parents and children hard at work
Just before the Easter break the children (and some family members/guardians) took part in the traditional Westcourt Easter bonnet making competition. There were some fantastic creations and unique designs which gave us judges a very tough task. After much thought and consideration us judges awarded the individual prize to Leah and the group prize to Simarpreet. Well done to all the children as all the bonnets were fantastic. 
Picture 1 Our brilliant termly homework entries

As always it is fantastic to see the efforts put in at home in order to create these marvellous pieces of homework (term 4, associated to Pocahontas). Well done to all those who attempted this.

Recently the children had a very artistic day in order to create special structures that they will then be able to walk with when they go to the St George's parade at the end of April. Below is the step by step process that the class had to go through.
Picture 1 Using thin bamboo to create teardrop shapes
Picture 1 Messy hands time covering the structure
Picture 1 Finally the St George's style designs were added
Picture 1 Et voilà
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