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Daily Sports and PE


Joe Wicks

Once again, Joe Wicks is providing regular PE lessons via his YouTube channel.  These are going to be live-streamed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - but all videos will be saved on the site so you can access them whenever you like.  

Click here to visit the Joe Wicks YouTube channel.


Your own challenges

You can complete your own sporting challenges at home. Perhaps you could go for a walk or a bike ride with your family?  Or take a football to your local park and show off your skills there?  



Fitness at home-No equipment needed! Send in pictures of you staying active!



Here are some more activities you could do if you would like some extra home learning to complete:

60 Second Reading Comprehensions

These short reading comprehension activities have a short excerpt of text which should be read in about one minute.  There are four questions to solve for each one, using your skills of scanning and skimming.

Quick Writes

These are short activities that can help you to develop your writing.  Each one is based around a starting image, with different writing tasks to complete:

Writing starting points

Here are some images to use as a starting point for your own writing.  You might write a description of the picture, or maybe use it as a starting point to a different kind of writing such as a story, newspaper article or poem?  There are some prompts for good writing on each one.



Number of the Day

To begin with, think of a four-digit number (Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Ones).  Then complete the different activities on this sheet based around that number.  You can repeat it as often as you like using a different starting number each time.

Maths Mats

Here are some Maths Mats - each one has a selection of different activities from a range of different areas of maths.  See how you get on:

Maths Mysteries

These are great fun.  Each one has a mystery to solve in a sort of Whodunnit style.  Each one comes with a list of suspects and by completing the different maths activities you can eliminate the suspects and find out who committed the crime!  Good luck detectives!

Home learning support from the BBC



The BBC have a range of home learning resources on their website to support home learning.  You can access these resources by clicking here.



The CBBC television channel (Freeview channel 201, Sky 607) will be showing schools programmes every morning between 9am and 12pm.  

Here is an example schedule:



These programmes, and more, are also available to view on demand via the iplayer.  Click here to visit the Lockdown Learning section of the BBC iplayer.