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Before you begin.... (and useful web links)

How will this work?

Each day, Mr Trodd will post information about work and tasks to be completed.  There are many sheets in the pack that went home with pupils, and the use of these will be directed in the daily update.  In addition, there is a menu of tasks that can be completed.  Each activity on this menu carries a points score.  So, pick and choose activities to score points and use the work book in your pack to record your work.  Where appropriate, there may be additional guides added to this webpage in the daily update to help with learning and explaining answers.  Remember to check back each day.  The daily update will be available from 9am each day.


Can I share my work?

Yes!  If you are able to email, you can send work (and photos) to

Mr Trodd won't be able to reply to these emails, but images might be shared on the webpage for everyone to enjoy.  Mr Trodd will only post images of work (not children's faces).


How else can I learn online?

In the front of your packs, there is a page with all your login details for the different online platforms we use in school.  You can log into these whenever you like (and some of them score points on your home learning menu!).  Here are links to the different platforms: