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Click here for Friday's home learning.


Miss Sexton has recorded the blue ticket assembly for this week. Click on the link to watch the assembly.

Maths - Friday

Today’s Maths is going to help us when solving Multi-Step problems. But seeing as it is December we thought we would theme it around Christmas! Use the video and pictures below to help you with the problem!


If you are super stuck after giving it a go, at the bottom of the page there is a picture for some extra support!

Inside Santa's Workshop

Can you work out how many mince pies each of the elves has eaten? You'll need to piece together the different clues... Enjoy! All the resources can be found ...

English - Friday

Today you will be visualising a text. This means you will be drawing or painting a picture based upon what you hear and see from the pages of our book 'Earthquake'. In this section the family will be leaving their house because of the earthquake.

Read the text up to ‘buildings crumbled around us’. If you prefer you can listen to the book being read in the video below.

Think about what is being described and shown. Draw a picture that shows the effects of the earthquake on the city and the people.


Try listening to the video while you draw or get someone to read the text to you.


When you have finished your picture try and think of some words  and phrases that describe the effects of the earthquake - try and think about the physical effects of the earthquake but also how the people in the city might be feeling.


When you have completed your picture take a photo to send to your teacher or bring the picture to school when we return.



Visualisation of a text

The pages of the book are here for you to read and look at.

Guided Reading - Friday



I hope you enjoyed Chapter 25 yesterday! It seems Patricia Porshley-Plum’s plan for Home Farm is going well! I wonder what will happen to Elliot and Josie!

Below are some questions about the chapter I would like you to have a go at today! Remember, most of the answers are in the chapter we have read, but some you will need to infer (Make an educated guess) about what you think the answer is!

All the chapters including chapter 25 are on the main class page.

GR - Friday - comprehension



Work with an adult to test your spelling words from this week. See how many you can spell correctly.


This week's word list is below.


Next week's words are now on Spelling Shed. Once you have tested yourself on this week's words you can start practicing the new words with some quizzes.

Corner Bookmark Making

Get creative with Mr Tooher.
Today he is going to show you how to make a lovely bookmark!

You will need:

- A piece of card or paper

- A ruler

- A pencil

- A pair of scissors

You can theme your bookmark around whatever you would like, it can be Christmas themed, animal themed, sports themed… whatever you would like!

Maths Support - Try it without first!

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