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Good morning Egypt Class, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Well done for getting through last week, and for completing such fantastic work at home. 


This will be a good week with lots of new learning and fun activities for you to do - Don’t forget to send me pictures or messages to tell me what you’re getting up to! 

I love seeing all the work you have done so please keep sending it to me at Don't forget I can't reply to the emails from you and your adults, but, I read all of your messages and reply to them on here for you to see.


Scroll down the page to find comments to everyone who has sent work in, and pictures of your work too!


I can't wait to see you all soon!

Miss Miles x

In your packs there is a suggested timetable for how you may want to structure your day. You don’t have to follow it exactly but it might be helpful for helping you to plan your days. I have added it below aswell 😁

Your amazing work

Ruby I - Fantastic work today, I loved your diary entry! It included some great vocabulary and verbs - beautiful handwriting too! I hope you have a lovely weekend as well Ruby!


Reggie - I am really glad you liked watching the maths video today and your maths work shows that you really understood it which is fantastic! BIG well done for getting 100% on your spellings too (I hope you’re not moaning too much at home though!)


Oliver - Well done for completing lots of work today, your SPaG work was great and I can see you are applying what we learnt in school to help you!


Saisha - Thank you for sending me the lovely photos of you and your brother, it looks like you both had a lot of fun creating shadows! Excellent work today, and 100% on your spellings, good job!


Zahra - You have had a great week this week, well done for completing such fantastic work! Super SPaG work today, you have remembered our lessons before Christmas and shown great understanding!


Swettha- Lovely writing today Swettha and great SPaG work, you have definitely cracked using a and an in your writing now! Super maths work too, you have done very well this week!


Libby- Well done for persevering when you were finding the maths work hard, you have worked very hard this week and should be proud! I hope you and Drew enjoyed making shadows around your house!


Deimante - Good work with your spellings, nearly 100% correct! I can tell how hard you are trying and I am so pleased. Lovely English work, you have remembered the features of a diary entry which is fab!

If you are home awaiting a Covid-19 test, here are some links to keep you up-to-date with your learning.

We won the Battle of the Bands on Times Tables Rockstars! Everyone worked so hard to make sure that we came first and we did... with an amazing total of 1053 points! Well done everyone!

Arty Maths


Aliens have been spotted on Planet Westcourt! Astronauts counted 35 eyes when they explored the planet, and it was our job to work out how many aliens there were altogether. Once we had solved this puzzling problem, we painted Planet Westcourt and the surrounding planets and then drew our aliens to show how many aliens there were. 


Click on the images to zoom in on them and see our wonderful work!

Andy Warhol style art


We recently had a look at art created by Andy Warhol, the famous American Artist, and created our own self-portraits based on his style. We started by sketching our faces onto the paper in pencil (which was quite tricky!), and then we used different bright coloured paints to complete our self-portrait. It was very messy and very fun!


Can you see your picture below?

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