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Flying Bin Bag


You will need:

A black bin bag, a hair dryer, a piece of string, sticky tape


What to do:
Hold the mouth of a black bin bag in one hand. Use a hair dryer to blow hot air into the bag. Seal the mouth of the bag with tape. Tie a long piece of string around the tape so you can hold it. Take the bag out into the sun. The bag will rise slowly into the air. (It’s best to do this trick in an open area on a windless day.)


How does it work? Since the bag is black, it absorbs heat from the sun. That heat makes the air inside the bag expand and become lighter. When the bag and the air inside are lighter than the surrounding air, the bag starts to rise.




Build a Book Nook


Develop your child’s love of reading by creating a special reading area at home. Give them an inviting and cosy space to share books with family members. 


You will need:
A selection of books in a box, cushions, blankets, soft toys etc., and a cosy spot (in a corner, by a window, under a table, in a pop-up tent, etc.)


What to do:
Set up the book nook together. You can make this as simple or decorated as you like. For example, a shoe box with books inside, a cushion and a cuddly toy, or a pop-up tent, fairy lights, sleeping bag, torch and cuddly toy and decorated book box. You might start simple and develop the nook over time.


Rotate the books in the nook each week, including your child with the process – some books will be too favourite to swap out!


Some questions to ask:

  • Where shall we have the book nook? 
  • What would make it cosy?
  • Which books shall we have first?
  • How could we make the box look special? 
  • Which toy would be great to read your books to?


  • Theme the nook, working together to make paper bunting, reading posters and other decorations on a theme or favourite book (e.g. a Gruffalo’s cave).
  • Make some books to add to the nook, folding paper and writing together.
  • Move the nook to new locations for variety.