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Westcourt Primary School

Learn, Aspire, Achieve

For young 3s

Activity #1: Pegs on a Box

All you need are some clothes pegs and a cardboard box. Ask your child to attach as many pegs as they can along the rim of the box. This activity is great for fine motor development, enhancing pincer grip and strengthening the muscles in little fingers.




Activity #2: Counting 1, 2, 3

Teach your child how to rote count and count objects to 3 by watching the video below. Next, why not try counting to 3 using objects at home? Encourage them to point at the first item and say ‘1’, point to the second item and say ‘2’ and point to the last item and say ‘3’.

Sesame Street: Let's Count to Three (1,2,3)


Activity #3: Gangnam Style

Please continue practising the dance on a regular basis.


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Westcourt Primary School is part of The Primary First Trust Limited, a company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales number 08738750 and an Exempt Charity

Registered Address: The White House, Clifton Marine Parade, Gravesend DA11