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Friday 15th January

Happy Friyay!


You have made it to the end of your second week of Term 3 and my goodness what a lot of work you have done!


I have loved seeing all your learning - there have been so many highlights from Jack's musical skills to Freya and Bella's creative writing.  Param I have so very impressed with the maths work you have sent in, and what polite emails you have been writing!

Simra, let us know how you are getting on with your monster laugh.


So many of you have done so well and I look forward to seeing what the challenges of next week bring.  Until then, enjoy your Friday learning and remember - just try your best.



Today you expanding the great work you have already done on both fractions and percentages, and linking this to decimals.  We call it equivalent when we can represent a number with all 3.


Watch this video from Miss Hart to find out more about how we do this:

Year 6 % lesson 8

This is "Year 6 % lesson 8" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Miss Hart is absolutely right - you simply are the best at fractions and the wonderful work you have been sending in has proven this!

Have a go at these challenges:

For your final maths activity of the week, go back to your 4 operations packs.


Today I would like to you revise factors.  We spent a lot of time doing these as starters - it is great to remind ourselves because it involves using our times tables.


For example, when finding the factors of 8, we know that 1, 2, 4, and 8 are all factors because 1x8=8 and 2x4=8.

When we did these in class we did them both as bugs and showed them as rainbows so you could see your times tables.

If you need another reminder just let me know by emailing.


Please complete both pages of factors work:



We're going for a more relaxed English today as you have already done so much writing this week.


I'd like you to look at your Monsters pack and complete activity 14.


Think carefully about your monster.  Why is it 'WANTED'? 

What has it done?

Why does it need to be caught?

Why is the reward so important?

Draw carefully and make sure you include lots of detail - it would be great to share your wanted posters on our class page!


So far you have revised nouns and verbs.  Today is the turn of adjectives.

Adjectives are describing words - they describe a noun.  If we think about the weather yesterday, we could describe it as wet, miserable and dreary.  Think of 3 other words you could use to describe it.


Have a go at the adjectives work in your SPaG booklets:

Creative Learning:

We have spent the last couple of weeks doing work about monsters.  This has ranged from creating our own, using coding to make games to some beautifully creative writing.


This afternoon I would like you to think about what your monster might eat laugh


This could be a great, fun activity to get your whole family involved in.


I would like you to come up with a deliciously tasty snack for a monster.  Be as creative as you like!

You might want to have ugly bug cupcakes, maggot biscuits, the possibilities are endless.


Now - we did say they needed to be delicious (and by that I mean for you and your family wink).


Get creative in the kitchen and bake some monsterous tasty treats and enjoy they whilst celebrating all your hard work these last 2 weeks!

Some creative ideas to get you started

Finally, have a fantastic day - remember to send in pictures of your learning.  I can't wait to see your culinary creations!


Have a wonderful weekend.  Remember to relax and spend time with your family.  If the weather is better you might be able to go out for a socially distanced walk!  Try to be helpful at home by doing little jobs too.


Miss Marshall xx