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Friday 22nd January 2021

Today, we are going to be completing an excellent piece of writing in the form of a diary entry.  You need to find in your pack the sheet called The Tin Forest – Diary Entry (note that it is double-sided!).


Then, take a look at this video to get you started:

Here is the picture again of the incredible tin forest that the old man created from all the rubbish that had been dumped around his home:



In your diary entry, I want you to focus on feelings and the contrast between how the old man felt when the real bird visited the forest and then how he must have felt when it went away again.


Here is some more help with juicy language and a reminder list (click on the pictures to see a bigger version)

Let’s finish the week of home learning with a great piece of writing – I know you can do it.  I even left some space on your sheet for some beautiful illustrations!  Have fun!

Make sure you spend time every day on myON reading books and taking quizzes for your AR target this term.


Click here to visit the myON website
(Remember that your login details are the same as AR)

Have you been practising your spellings this week?  I hope so!  


Let's see how you get on!  Pencil and paper at the ready!

Y4 Spelling Test - Friday 22nd January

When you have finished your test, head over to the Answers and Solutions section to mark your work.


I look forward to seeing how you get on.

OK – there is no doubt about it – we are definitely becoming experts at perimeter!


I have been really impressed with how you have been using jottings and workings out to help you make sure you reach the correct answers.


So, grab a pencil, paper and ruler and let’s get started with this video of shared learning:

Remember everything you know about rectangles and use the tips and tricks from the video to help you to work out correct answers.


I know you can do it!


See how you get on.  Here is the alternative version in case you are getting a bit confused.

Today your will be planning your own tin forest. This plan will be used to support you in making your own tin forest on Monday.

Think about the story so far? What would you like to be in your tin forest? What creatures, plants, or type of scenery could you include?


Remember to annotate your plan with the materials, colours and other ideas.

Take a look at the picture below to get some ideas.


Have fun planning.





Answers and Solutions


Perimeter on a grid (Maths from yesterday)

1a) 7cm + 5cm + 7cm + 5cm = 24cm     1b) 8cm + 2cm + 8cm + 2cm = 20cm
1c) 9cm + 1cm + 9cm + 1cm = 20cm
2a) 22cm     2b) 30cm     2c) 26cm    2d) 5000m or 5km
3a) 18cm     3b) 30cm
4) 64cm
5a) 2cm     5b) 3cm     5c) 7cm


Spelling Test

1) threw    2) cereal   3) whether   4) draught   5) weather

6) babies’   7) girls’   8) serial  9) through  10) draft