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Friday 22nd January

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! laugh


You have ben doing some fantastic learning this week and today is your last push before the weekend.

It has been great to speak with so many of you this week, I'm glad you are enjoying your online learning and it's so lovely to hear how you are spending your time.




You have done some amazing work on decimals this week.  Today we are completing our final activity....dividing decimals by whole numbers!

This is something you have done before, and just like yesterday when you were multiplying, if you can do it without the decimal, you can do it with!

If you need a reminder then you can watch the video from yesterday agaon.


You will need the sheets called 'dividing decimals by integers'.  Please do the VF questions first, then move on to the PS/R.

Lots of you putting answers without doing working out, please remember to do the working out to show how you got to your answers for the PS/R.



Your second maths activity is in your four operations pack.


You will need to use your decimals skills, as well as multiplication skills.  This activity also involved converting measures, something we will look at together in a couple of weeks.


To start, it would really help you to convert all the prices from kg into grams.  To help you, remember that there are 1000g in 1kg.  From here you can use your dividing skills.




For your SPaG today please get your packs from last week.


This time we are looking at the subject of the sentence - you will need to use the active and passive voice for this.

Watch this video to find out how to use them:

The Active and Passive Voice

Then complete these activities from the pack:


Today we are going to be thinking about the features of a balanced argument.  

During the start of Treasure Island, you saw yesterday that the pirate was given the black spot and died.  He owed Jim's mum money for staying at the inn.

They found a bag of gold coins in the chest - Jim told his mum to take all of it however his mum said she would only take what she was owed.

Why do you think he said she should take everything?

Why do you think she would only take what she was owed?

Talk about your reasons for both with an adult at home.  What would they do?


If you need a reminder, you can watch this part of the story again:

Treasure Island: Jim Hawkins and the Admiral Benbow | BBC Teach

Jim Hawkins lives and works at The Admiral Benbow Inn near Bristol. His life is dull and Jim dreams of adventure. Then one day his life changes...An old sail...

For the rest of your English time, I would like you to plan a balanced argument.

Your question is:

Would you keep all the money for yourself, or would you just take what you were owed?


Remember, for it to be a good balance there need to be an equal amount of reasons why you would keep all of it, and an equal amount of reasons why you would only take what you were owed.


Plan it just like we would if we were in school together.


You will need plenty of information for each section so that you are ready to write next week:

1 - introductions.  Why are you writing the balanced argument and what are the 2 points of view.

2 - Reasons FOR keeping all the money.  Have a minimum of 3 reasons.

3 - Reasons AGAINST keeping all the money and just taking what you are owed.  Have a minimum of 3 reasons.

4 - closing statement.  Final reason FOR and AGAINST


Send in pictures of your planning and you can magpie ideas from each other.

Creative Learning:

You have worked incredibly hard again this week so it is now time for some fun Friday creative activity time!


This afternoon I would like you plan a fun activity you could do with your family over the weekend.  Things are much harder for everyone at the moment as we are unable to see our family and friends.  You could design a game or something to do with your family to help distract everyone for a while and give them something fun to look forward to.


You might like to:

- draw/design a jigsaw puzzle.  Colour it in and cut it out.  Your family could put it back together.

- draw a map of the local area with a footpath showing a route you could take for a walk over the weekend.

- plan a game you could all play together in the garden.

- plan a meal that you could ask an adult to help you cook over the weekend.


There are so many possibilities!


Take pictures of what you plan and what you do and send them in so we can see how creative you have been!

Have a fantastic day and I cannot wait to see all your wonderful learning!


Have a wonderful weekend, get some rest and spend quality time with your families.


Miss Marshall xx