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Friday 26th February

Good morning all and happy Friyay! Well done for all the fantastic learning you have completed this week.


Before we start our green pen time, I need to ask you to start collecting some things. Over the weekend can you start collecting empty butter tubs, cereal boxes, milk bottles and any other recyclable materials that you might have. This is so that we can get creative on Monday.


Now, here are the answers for yesterdays work


I have been looking forward to this one all week! Today, you will be completing the Pirate themed mental calculations code breaker. This will require you to use a range of mathematical skills including some of the following: Multiplying and dividing by 100 and 1000, cubed and squared numbers, written calculations and place value knowledge.


Remember, if you are struggling with any of this, let me know and I will attempt to do another video for you!


Today you will be up-levelling sentences. You will need to think about expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbial and the adjectives that you use.


Watch the next part of the story. Once you have done this, continue adding to your story map with what you now know.

Today you can choose to write in role as one of the characters or as yourselves. Using the information that you have from the story, you are going to write about how it would have felt to discover the treasure. What would they have done with it (remember the time at which the story was set). There are some images of treasure in your pack to help you to picture the treasure

Treasure Island: An empty pit and Ben Gunn's surprise | BBC Teach

In the stockade the pirates are celebrating - today they'll be digging up Flint's treasure...or so they think.They set off, following the treasure map, Silve...

Creative Learning

Using the facts that you gathered about pirates yesterday you are going to complete ‘All about Pirates’ on purple mash. This is a fact file where you can put all of the facts you have found out.


I hope you have a lovely Friday - speak to you soon!


Miss Hart🥳