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Friday 27th March

Friday 27th March 2020

Do a victory dance! Well done everyone!

Do a victory dance! Well done everyone! 1
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Maths Challenge Solution - 26 March 2020

Well done everyone for keeping up with the maths this week! Today have a go at the Front of the Reasoning Sheet (the side with the title on it). Don’t forget, these questions may require more than one step and will need you to explain your answers clearly! 🌟

Reasoning Top Tips

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Get your SPAG hats on! No not the pasta kind! 🍝 Today we will be doing some dictation. In the video below I will be reading out 3 sentences! Use the top tips to help you to write the sentences. Don’t forget to include any punctuation you hear! 👂

Dictation for Year 3

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Yummy, yummy, yummy I’ve got knowledge in my tummy! 🎵🎶 Not quite as catchy as the original but you get the point! Grab your home learning menus and call over the waiter. Try and score 5 points don’t forget you can do this with one “main course” or a few “side dishes”! 💪

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Hope you’ve been enjoying some reading in bed, I know I have! 📚 Get your books out and read for at least 20 Mins. That’s not all though! While reading try to find 5 contractions and write them in your books like this:

Don’t = Do not

If you can’t find 5 different ones in you book, see if you can remember some from our lessons!

One week done!

Hope you’ve been having a lovely time working and learning at home with your families and loved ones. It has been a very interesting time for all of us and I’m sure there have been tantrums and tears galore! You are all amazing children and even better pupils in class, now is the time to be able to take hold of your own learning and really test what you can do!

I believe in every single on of you and can’t believe just how far all of you have come since the beginning of this year, I truly am blessed to have such a beautiful class for my first year of teaching, so thank you.

Miss you all dearly, keep up the good work!

Much love,
Mr Tooher 🐼