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Friday 29th January

Good morning everyone and welcome to Fri-YAY!


We are now at the end of our fourth week of learning from home and you are doing an absolutely brilliant job - you should be very proud of yourselves!

I know some of you are finding it tricky - it's hard when we can't see our family and friends as much as we want, adults are finding it difficult too.  Just remember that by following the rules and staying with the people in your household then it means you are doing your part to keep everyone safe.  You can give you family and friends an extra big hug when you get to see them next laugh


Today, as well as your home learning activities, remember to check Miss Sexton's page for assembly.  There is also a great arty challenge on there for you to have a go at!


Today we are going to be putting your arithmetic skills to the test...….in your pack you will find arithmetic Test 6.

Remember to give yourself 30 minutes to complete it.

Show your working out and remember sometimes you can get a mar for the method......if I'm feeling generous wink

Complete all 4 pages!


Later on in the afternoon I'll put the answers up for you!

Your second maths challenge for today is something you absolutely love to do...…..PROVE ME WRONG laugh


My statement:


A 5 digit number divided by a 2 digit number will always have a remainder.

Can you prove me wrong?

If you think you can send in your working out and an explanation of how you got there - good luck!

Guided Reading:

This week we found out on the news that schools will not be returning to normal straight after half term and you will be learning from home for another couple of weeks at least.

This is so that as a country we can continue to protect the NHS and save lives.

You will have heard this phrase a lot.


Some of you ay know people that work for the NHS and they have had one of the toughest jobs this last year - they are true life heroes.


Your guided reading challenge today is to complete the NHS comprehension to find out more abut it and how it works.


Read the information carefully and answer the questions to the best of your abilities.  If you can't find it in your current pack then it will be in the previous one.


Having found out about the role of a cabin boy yesterday, is it a job you would want to do?  Have a chat with your adult at home about it.

Is there a job on a ship you would rather do?  Do you fancy yourself as the captain of your very own ship?


Today we are going to be listening to the next part of the story:

Treasure Island: Long John Silver and the Hispaniola | BBC Teach

This is the first time we find out the name of the ship Jim and the crew will be on - for at least the next year.

The Hispaniola!


Talk to your adult at home about the following:

- how Jim would have felt finding out he would be on that ship for about a year

- what his first impression of Long John Silver would have been

- what his impression of the crew would be.


You have 2 tasks for English today.


1) look at this picture from the clip:


For each of the characters, I would like you to use your imagination.


Draw the picture so you have each of the characters on plain paper.  What makes them stand out? 

Is it an eye patch?

Is it a tattoo?

Why do you think they have been chosen to join the crew on the journey?


Draw a speech bubble above each of them and write how they would introduce themselves to Jim.  

Give them:

- a name

- say why they are there (different reasons for each one)

- what past experience they have


They all look a little bit be as creative about pirates as you like!


2) During this section of the story there is the suggestion that some of the crew may be pirates.

You second challenge is to find out about pirate ships.  You will need this sheet:

Use search engines safely to help you.


If you find out more information, you might like to add more of your ow labels.


Once you have finished labelling.  Can you identify what would have been different between this ship and the Hispaniola?

Creative Learning:

It is fun Fri-YAY afternoon again, that means it's time to get extra creative!


We now know the name of the ship and that pirates are involved in our class story - Treasure Island!


Your challenge is to build your very own pirate ship!  You could use recycled materials, items from round the house or even lego.  The choice is completely up to you.

Make sure it has a pirate flag laugh

Have a fantastic day and I cannot wait to see your pirate ship creations!


Remember to spend time on TTRockstars and AR/MyOn - it would be great to see more of you reaching your targets.


Have a lovely weekend and remember to be helpful around the house laugh


Miss Marshall xx