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Friday 2nd July

Good morning Kenya class! 


It was lovely to see so many of you today! Your pictures were amazing, such detailed drawings, thank you so much! Your behaviour even on Zoom was brilliant, you listened so well to everyone and spoke really clearly as I know it’s very different to being in the classroom so well done! I am very proud of you all! 🤩


This morning’s phonics are some different games, again please click on the link for the group you normally are with for phonics.


Mrs Atkinson’s group - Does it make sense?

Mrs Beatty’s group - Help a hedgehog

Mrs K’s group - Balloon phonics


For English today your are going to listen to this story all about a little crab, linked to our seaside topic. When you have watched the story, draw a picture of the little crab and label adjectives (describing words) around the outside of your crab to describe him. Think about colours, as well as words such as sharp, pointy, hard, soft, shiny and lots of other words we have been using this year.

Bedtime Stories | Tom Hardy | Don't Worry Little Crab | CBeebies

As it is Friday and the weather is supposed to be nice, I’d like you to do a shape hunt today in the garden or if you can’t go into the garden then you can do it in your house. Have a look at these shapes and see how many of those shapes you can see in your garden or around your house. Can you name all the shapes too? It’s been a long time since we did shapes! 

On a Friday you get your own learning time and this Friday is no different so this afternoon I would like you to choose something to play with. You can play inside, outside, by yourself, with someone else, whatever you want! I’d love to see some pictures of what you choose to play!


Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you for our next story time on Zoom on Monday!


Keep smiling, I miss you all lots.


Mrs Atkinson x