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Friday 2nd July

Good morning my lovelies and happy Friyay!


So good to see so many of you have handed in your memory page on purple mash - I will print those off as soon as I am back in school.


Let’s start this morning with AR - I can see that lots of you have been taking quizzes so well done to you!



Our last problem solving of the week - you have been amazing at this during the week. Let’s finish on a high!

This one is very tricky as there is a lot of information  you have to process and you won’t be able to use all of it straight away!


*Work systematically

*Record findings in a table/diagram

*What can you use straight away?

*Process of elimination

*Check your answers


I look forward to seeing how well you can do with this one!



Your plans for your persuasive argument were amazingly detailed - it would appear that most of you are against using an elephant as a mode of transportation! So today and Monday you are going to write your persuasive argument - they do not need to be finished today. Think about how much we would complete in one lesson in school.


Here are some things to help you


Can’t wait to see how you get on with this!


This afternoon we have another zoom meeting at 1:30 - your parents will get a text with the link today.


This afternoon I have set you a task on purple mash - it is another totes emosh reflection piece of work. This time I would like you to think about the highlights of each year group since you have been at Westcourt. Instead of taking photos, you will be able to draw a picture to go into each box. You might want to think about a trip that you went on, a funny moment, the teacher you had, a friend that you made or something personal to you.


I look forward to seeing you later and seeing your amazing work!

Miss you!


Miss Hart 😝