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Friday 2nd July 2021

Friday 2nd July


Good Morning Turkey Class,


It’s Friyay! 


I hope that you have had a brilliant week. Thank you for your emails, they really do make me smile. It is lovely to see how hard you have been working and I am really proud of you all. Apologies also for the missing zoom call yesterday afternoon, we were both looking forward to seeing you all however we had some technical difficulties. There will be a zoom call this afternoon. For the call can you bring along your favourite piece of home learning from this week or the piece that you are most proud of so that we can celebrate how well you are all doing. 


For English today, we are going to be thinking about adjectives. Can you remember what adjectives are? They are describing words. Watch the video to learn more about adjectives - 

Year 1 English: Adjectives for Children

Then I would like you to pick one of the characters - 

Today I would like you to pretend that you are that character and describe yourself without telling me who you are. Once you have completed this activity you could send your description to me and I could see if I can guess which character you have described. I have described one of the characters, see if you can guess which character I have described - 

I look forward to reading your descriptions later today.


I am really impressed that some of you have been practising counting coins and making different amounts. Here is a money game that you might like to play - 

In Maths today we are going to be learning how to tell the time. Yesterday we learnt o’clock. Today we are going to be learning half past. Watch the video to learn how to tell the time to half past - 

Time - Half past

Then have a go at playing the telling the time game, you might need some help from your adult with the quarter past and quarter to times.

You could then play the Telling the Time game with your adult - 

For Phonics select your group and complete the activity.


Miss Pearce/Miss Hussain’s group - 


Look through the pictures and collect the letters that you can see and then rearrange the letters to spell one of our key words. Happy letter searching!

Mrs Beatty’s group - 


Read the story and then see if you can spot the key words from the list at the end of the story - 

Mrs Kay’s group - 


Read the captions and see if you can match them to the correct picture - 

For Topic I would like you to go an a scavenger hunt around your home and see if you can find something for each of the clues - 

Or for a challenge you could think of something that you would find at the seaside for each of the clues instead.


There is also an assembly on Miss Sexton’s page today for you to watch.


Have a lovely day and I look forward to seeing you on the zoom call this afternoon.


Miss Pearce