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Friday 15th May

Friday 15th May 2020

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Nearly another week of Home Learning completed! Today we are going to be focusing on the sheet titled Reasoning 3 (part 1). Make sure to keep an eye out for any of the Magic Phrases that we have learnt. Also, really concentrate on what the question is asking you to do and any jottings you can make to help you!

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Have a go at this Crossword using your spellings from this week!

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We’ve done a lot of preparing for today! We’ve researched Zeinab, we’ve sketched our ideas for the pictures in our book and also thought about the sentences to go with each picture! Today we are going to start to write (and draw!) our stories. We are going to focus on Pages 1 - 3, so really take your time and focus. You can either do this on the paper in your packs that has the 6 boxes on it OR on PurpleMash if you can access it! If you’re struggling with PurpleMash have a look at the video below:

Help with PurpleMash 15.5.20

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One final challenge for you today! I would like you to have a go at something that is going to test your drawing skills! Sounds easy, but trust me, it won’t be!



Draw and colour a picture... BLINDFOLDED!


The picture can be anything! Your favourite animal, your family or even a picture of your favourite teacher (I should hope that’s me!).

I am going to be posting the result of my attempt at lunchtime today! Due to technical difficulties I haven’t been able to prepare one for you to look at before then! I really do apologise! But I’m sure you will all have lots of fun attempting this challenge!