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Friday 5th February

Happy Fri-YAY!


You have completed another week of fantastic home learning and I am so impressed with the effort you have been putting in!


Keep going back and checking the pictures each day at different points, I keep adding more as your adults send them through. If you haven’t watched it yet, check out Param’s video from yesterday - it really made me laugh!


Remember to start your day with PE - Tommy has been using their exercise bike to get his done!

Also head over to Miss Sexton’s page to watch assembly!


This week you have been working incredibly hard on converting measures.


Today you are going to be putting all the skills you have developed into problem solving.


There are a range of questions for you to work through.  Some you will need to convert using you x and divide skills by 10, 100 and 1000 (remember you do not need to use the standard method for these - the numbers move around the decimal point).  


TOP TIP: if there are questions that use g and kg for example, convert any measures into the same, so either both g or both kg.  This will help you answer the questions more easily.


Make sure you use plenty of jottings to help you and to always show your working out.

Your other maths challenge is to continue to develop your + and - skills by completing your second pirate theme mosaic.

Solve the answers tot he questions and colour in dependent on the answer.


Send in pictures so we can see what images you create today smiley


Today you are going to be completing a SPaG activity.

Our English book is very exciting and the more writing we do, the more adjectives we will need to include.


Spend time today being an adjective detective!


Click on the link below and take the adjective quiz and play the adjective game.  Have fun!


Yesterday you were writing a plan as Captain Smollet.


Today we are going to find out exactly what happened next!  Remember to continue with your story map as you listen to it.

Treasure Island: Escape to the island and Ben Gunn | BBC Teach

Replay it again and stop at 42 seconds, listening carefully to the description of the island.


Todays English activity is a creative one - you are going to draw your own version of the island based on the description.  

Listen to it as many times as you need. 

Is the island what you expected?

Once you have drawn it, annotate with information about descriptions of the island.


Spend your whole English time on this, it is better to be really detailed than rush through it.  Send in your pictures so we can all share them!



Today we are finishing off our learning on the circulatory system.


As it is Fri-yay, the choice is completely up to you and you can be as creative as you like!


You need to present your learning on the circulatory system and show how it works.  Here are some ideas for you:

- make a 3D model showing how blood flows round the body (you could use jelly and straws)

- create a poster all about the benefits of exercise

- create a poster all about the circulation system and how it works

- make a power point presentation about your learning


Remember to send your pictures in so we can see just how creative you have been!

Remember to fit in your PE, TT Rockstars and time reading to meet your AR target.


Have a fantastic day and I cannot wait to see all your wonderful learning.


Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to catching up with you all next week.


Miss Marshall xx