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Friday 5th March - Last day of home learning!


We are having a class catch up today at 11am. Miss Sexton has text the information out to your parents. Make sure you join us if you can!


Good morning and welcome to our last day of home learning. Lets start as we always do with our green pen time!


Today for Maths you will be solving the mystery of the missing treasure! In order to do this, you will have to solve a number of mathematical problems to give you clues. Then, from the clues, you can work out where the treasure is buried!

Guided Reading

Today your comprehension is about Alice in Wonderland - an all time classic.

You know what to do!


Now you have completed your amazing versions of Treasure Island, your book will need a front cover. You job today is to design the front cover of you book. You will need to include

  • Title
  • Author (obviously you!)
  • Illustration giving a hint at what is going to happen in the story

It would be great if you are able to record you reading some of your story so that we can share them together.


Creative Learning

This afternoon, to conclude our work on pirates, it is up to you to get as creative as you like as long as the theme is piratey!

You could

  • Make some pirate cupcakes
  • Hide sweetie treasures in jelly
  • Build a pirate fort somewhere in your house
  • Create a pirate ship
  • Have a pirate banquet
  • Any thing else you can think of (I know how creative you all are!)

Enjoy your final day of home learning, Miss Kitchener and I cannot wait to have you back in school on Monday!


Stay fabulous

Miss Hart ❤️