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Friday 5th March

Good Morning Turkey Class,


Hooray! We have made it to the end of home learning and next week we will all be back in class together. We cannot wait and we hope that you are looking forward to it too. 


Some of you might be feeling really excited, some of you might be feeling really nervous and some of you might be feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness too. We have all been at home for a long time and we have got used to working and learning in a different way. Now we have got to adjust to being back in the classroom together and in no time it will feel like we have never been away. If you have any worries about coming back to school please talk to your adults about them and your adults can then send us an email so that we can help you too once we are back at school. When we are back at school we will make sure that there are lots of opportunities to talk about any worries that you might have and we will try to help you to solve them. We will also share all of the things that we are excited about too. We know that lots of you are excited about seeing your friends again, we have all missed our friends whilst we have been at home. We know that you are all going to be superstars when we get back to school and we are really looking forward to seeing you all.


We would also like to say a great big thank you to all of the adults that have helped you with your home learning during term 3 and the beginning of term 4. We think that you and your adults have done an amazing job.


Thank you for the picture Dottie, we were pleased to see that you are still smiling. It was a very impressive bump.


For Guided Reading today you will need Guided Reading Activity 10 - 

This sheet is called Clean the Classroom, you are all really good at keeping the classroom clean and tidy. We hope that you have kept your bedrooms clean and tidy this week too! Read the sheet and then see if you can answer the questions too.


For English we are going to start with a key word game - 

You will need to click the sight words picture and then you can play. See how many words you can find.


After that you will need English Activity 9 - 

Have a look at the picture you created on Wednesday of your own alien. We were really impressed with all of the adjectives you thought of to describe your alien. Today we would like you to use those adjectives to write a description of your alien. Think about what your alien looks like and also what sort of character your alien has. Is your alien cheerful? Or grumpy? Does your alien like to scare people or does your alien help people? We are looking forward to reading all about your aliens later today.


For Maths you will need Maths Activity 10 - 

Watch the video below to see how to complete your sheet - 

Turkey Class Maths

For Phonics we will be learning and practising ‘i-e’ - 


You will need Phonics Activity 9 - 

Colour in the real words with one colour and the nonsense words using a different colour.


If you are feeling really enthusiastic about Phonics today then you could also have a go at Phonics Activity 10 too - 

For this activity we are learning and practising ‘o-e’ -


See if you can write the ‘o-e’ words on your sheet. Here are some clues for the o-e words - 


The boy is throwing a _ _ _ _ _ into the pond

The dog has a _ _ _ _ in his mouth

The girl is swinging on a _ _ _ _

Next to the pond is a _ _ _ _ _ with a red hat on

There are two orange and white _ _ _ _ _ in the picture

At the back of the pictures is the children’s _ _ _ _ where they live


This afternoon there will be an assembly on Miss Sexton’s page.


Then it will be time for Independent Learning. We have a challenge for you for Independent Learning time today - can you create something that you can give to your adults to say thank you for all their help with your home learning? You could make a card or draw them a picture. You could write them a thank you letter or you could make them a cake (you will need their help for this one). When you have finished give the gift to them and see if you can fill their bucket.


You will have some sheets that we have not completed in your packs but don’t worry as we will be completing most of these in school over the next few weeks.


Our story today is called Tomorrow I’ll be Brave. We know that you are all of the things in the story - 

Tomorrow I'll Be Brave

Have a fantastic weekend with your families and we look forward to seeing you all next week.


Miss Pearce and Miss Hussain