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Friday 5th February

Happy Friyay Turkey Class,


We hope that you had a good day yesterday. We know that you have all been working really hard and we are really impressed with all the work that you have been sending through to us.

We would love to hear from more of you, please make us smile this Friday afternoon by sending us an email at - 


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If you can’t send pictures of your work through you could just send us an email to say ‘Hello’ or you could tell us what you have been up to. We really miss all of you so would love to hear how you are all getting on.

For Guided Reading today you will need Guided Reading Activity 10 - 

Your sheet looks a little bit different to mine but they have the same text on them, they are just laid out slightly differently. Have a go at reading the story, remember to ask your adult for help if you need it. Then try to answer the questions.

We are going to start our English today by thinking about rhyming words. Watch the clip about rhyming words and then have a go at the rhyming games, they are underneath the video clip and you need to click the pointing finger to start the games.

After that we are going to be thinking about a different character from our story The Jolly Postman. So far we have thought about the Three Bears, the Wicked Witch, the Giant and Cinderella. Have a look at your story map, who will we be thinking about next?

We will be thinking about the Wolf. The Wolf was in our Guided Reading story today. Can you think of another story that has a wolf in? The Three Little Pigs has a wolf in too. You will need English Activity 10 -

Today we are going to think of some questions that we could ask the Wolf. At the bottom of your sheet you will find some question words that you can use in your questions. Remember that a question needs a question mark at the end. If you need some help getting started then you can watch the video below and we will write a question together - 

Turkey Class English - 5.2.21

For Maths we are going to complete another Activity Mat. Today you will need Maths Mat 4 - 

You can have a go at completing the mat independently or you can watch the video and we can complete it together. I wonder if you can beat me to the answers!

Turkey Maths Mat 4

After that you will need Maths Activity 10 - 

Yesterday we thought about number bonds to 10. Today we are going to be thinking about number bonds to 20. For today’s activity you need to look carefully at the number bond sticks and count how many squares are white and how many are shaded and then write the number sentence to match the sticks. If the sticks have 12 white squares and 8 grey squares then your number sentence would be 12 + 8 = 20.


If you are looking for an extra challenge you could create your own number bonds to 20 using this sheet - 

For Phonics today we are going to be learning and practising the ‘ou’ sound -

'ou' Words | Phonics Phase 3

Then you will need Phonics Activity 10 - 

You will need to fill in the missing letters in the words, they do not all contain the ‘ou’ sound though. Then colour in the pictures that do contain the ‘ou’ sound.


This afternoon there will be an assembly on Miss Sexton’s page so make sure you go to her page at 1pm to watch that. Then it will be time for Topic. Today you will need Topic Activity 4 - 

The Jolly Postman rides a bicycle to deliver the mail. Do you like riding a bike? Today we are going to think about how to stay safe when we are riding a bike. Watch the video below and then see if you can fill in the missing words on your sheet - 

Bike Safety

Well done to those of you who have completed work on Purple Mash this week too.


Our story today is called I Am Bat -

I Am Bat

Have a super Friday and we hope that you and your family have a brilliant weekend too.


Miss Pearce and Miss Hussain