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Short Stories

Watch the story of The Magic Fish.

The Magic Fish

Still image for this video

Activity #1: Vocabulary and Comprehension

Here are some questions you can ask your child about the story.


  • What was the boy’s name?
  • What did Robert’s grandfather do everyday?
  • What kind of fish did Robert’s grandfather want to catch?
  • What does the magic fish look like?
  • What happens if you eat the magic fish?
  • What appeared on the magic fish’s tail?
  • How did Robert hurt his finger? 


Next, use the magic fish worksheet. Match the picture to the word by connecting the dots. Children will need support in reading the words.





Activity #2: Draw a Picture 

Use the fish template provided. Ask your child to draw and describe their own magic fish.


Imagine that you caught a magic fish. What does it look like?

What happens when you touch it?



If you don’t have this week’s home learning pack you can download the worksheets below.