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Understanding functions of the body parts of animals

After watching the video, talk about the different animals shown. What were they trying to do? What body part were they using to pick up the ball? Did they succeed? Why not? Why was the girl able to pick up the ball? What did she use? 

What can humans do that animals can’t?

Still image for this video
Various animals and a girl are playing with a ball, when the ball bounces down a hole. The animals try to get it out but they don't succeed. The girl saves the day by using her hand, which is designed to grab, pick and hold things up.

Use the video as a starting point to encourage your child to think about what they are able to do that animals can’t. Ask them to give their reasons why. For example: “I can pick up a mug but a fish can’t because it has no hands.”


Once you have talked about what humans can do, tell your child that there things that animals can do that people cannot. As an example, say that an elephant has a trunk but people don’t have one. Tell your child that elephants use their trunks in different ways. Ask your child to watch the next video to know more about what an elephant’s trunk is used for.

An Elephant's Trunk

Talk about what your child learned from the video. You can review the different functions of an elephant’s trunk. 


Next, look at a few pictures of animals and identify the different body parts that they have that humans don’t have. Can your child name them? What do they think these parts are used for?