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Cardboard tube binoculars

You will need: 2 cardboard bathroom tissue tubes, a pair of scissors, PVA glue, 6 rubber bands, 40” piece of twine or yarn, paint, wrapping paper or felt paper (optional), card stock 



Paint the 2 cardboard tubes. If you don’t want to paint them,  you can cover them with wrapping paper or felt paper. 


Cut a strip of card stock long enough to go around the end of the tube, about 3/4” wide. Glue the cardboard strip around the end of the cardboard tube. Secure with a rubber band. Repeat for the other tube. 


Cut another strip long enough to go around the opposite end of the tube, only this time cut it 1/2” wide. Glue as above and secure with a rubber band. 


Place the tubes side by sides with the seams facing each other. Put a rubber band around both tubes to hold them in place. 


Use a pen to poke a hole in the side of the tube, about 1/2” below the 1/2” wide card strip. Insert the end of your twine into the hole from the outside of the tube. Bring it through the tube and tie a double knot.


Trim off excess and gently pull the twine taut. The knot will keep the twine from coming back out through the hole. Repeat on the other side. 


Pipe a generous amount of PVA glue in between the two tubes. Do the other side as well. Let them dry completely, several hours or overnight, before removing the rubber bands and using your binoculars.