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Friday 15th January

Friday 15th January 2021 15.1.21

FRIDAY AGAIN! The weeks are really flying by!

If you want something a bit different again today The National Aquarium are running some amazing sessions every Friday fo the next 7 weeks starting today! Click here to see an overview of the sessions. Then follow the link below to go to their YouTube page and watch it there!

Great stuff yesterday! You all used related facts to help you solve your grid multiplications really well! Today we are yet again focussing on our written methods for multiplication but slightly differently!


Today’s method is column method. Sounds familiar right?! That’s because it is very close to our column method for addition!

Have a watch of this short video to help you then grab the sheet titled written methods of multiplication and have a go!

Column Method of Multiplication

Hope you have been practising those spellings! It’s time to put your knowledge to the test, below are your spelling sentences! Try not to look at your practise go’s at the spellings to help you.

You don’t have to write out the whole sentence if you don’t want to, just write the number and the answer. Answers will go up on the class page on Monday!

There are some secret little directors in the class! Your play-scripts are AMAZING!


Now time for those play-scripts to really come alive! You have the task of performing your scenes today! You might need to rope in a helper to play one of the parts OR try to creatively play both parts if you can!


Try to think of:

- speaking loudly and clearly

- try to remember your lines so you don’t paper in front of your beautiful face!

- act out the stage directions!


Do try to film them and send them to me!

Lovely to see what you would like to learn about! This is going to be a really exciting and fun topic to learn about... STARTING NOW!


We are going to learn about reflections today! There is a short video to watch about how light travels and then in your packs there is a sheet titled Reflections for you to complete.

You will be looking for reflective things in your home and drawing what you look like when looking in them! Maybe you could use:

- a spoon

- a window

- a phone screen


Try to find very creative things!