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Friday 8th January

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friyay laugh


Can you believe you have already completed your first week of home learning?  I am so impressed with how hard you are trying - it's always a bit difficult when we have to change what we are used to, but you have adapted so well and should be proud of how you are now working from home.


Today we are starting with maths skills again.  You are now absolute pros at percentages - I am so impressed.

Percentages are one of those thing that once you get the hang of it you can find them really quickly and easily......very useful when you are sales shopping!

Today you are applying all the skills you have learnt so far and will now look at finding 1%.  

Remember, when finding 10%, it was the same as finding 1/10.  There was 1 place holder so the numbers moved 1 place.

Today you are finding 1% which is the same as finding 1/100.  There are 2 place holders in 100 so the numbers will move 2 places.

Watch the video from Miss Hart below.

Year 6 % lesson 3

This is "Year 6 % lesson 3" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Now have a go at these questions:


1% of 622=

1% of 756=

1% of 425=

1% of 1053=

1% of 3304=

1% of 5232=

1% of 24=

1% of 53=

1% of 99=

1% of 34156=


The last 4 questions are slightly trickier.  For your extra house point today (and well done everyone that got it right yesterday!), what must you remember to include when finding 1% of a 2 digit number?

Now go to your four operations pack.


Today we are moving on to division.  Remember all our top tips:

- the answer must be smaller

- use your multiples

- carry numbers over

- write down times table if it will help


I have put a cross through the example in the picture because this isn't the method we use.  Use the strategies we have been doing in school.

There was some great planning for English completed yesterday!


Today I would like you to continue with the activities in the monsters pack.

Look at Task 5.  Read the examples carefully - pay particular attention to the amount of detail that is included.  Have a go at using their topic sentences for the creatures they have given you pictures of.  Once you have done that, write sentences that apply to your own monster.


Some of you have not yet been able to design your monsters.  If you haven't (or would like to add features to your own design) complete activity 6.  Once you have picked the monster you plan on writing about next week, read back through your plan from yesterday.  Complete activity 6 adding these additional details to your plan.


Have fun and I can't wait to see your ideas!

The time has come...….this afternoon you get to make you monster games!


You can choose whether they are one level or multi-level.

Decide whether you will give rewards and set traps.

Log on to Purple Mash and spend the afternoon enjoying coding your game.


Here are some photos to remind you of how you created your myth ones at the start of Year 6!

Remember to spend some time on MyOn trying to reach your target and some time on TTRockstars - let's see if we can get the highest score in school!


Make sur eyou keep sending in photos of your lovely learning, it's so ice to see what you have all been up to and it's great to share your answers and ideas.


Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.  Check back Monday for your next week of home learning!


Missing you all very much,


Miss Marshall xx