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Home Learning - Before we begin!

Hello everyone!


We are all about to start some very different ways of learning and this is going to be something that is new and unusual to each and every one of us!


Here’s some tips to help you get the most out of your home learning!

  • Check the Australia page on the Westcourt website every morning.  Each morning I will upload more details about the tasks for the day.  These will be a mixture of work that you have in your packs and work online.  Try to complete as much of the work that has been set for the day as possible. 
  • Try to stick to a routine!  When we are at school we all follow a timetable so we know what is coming next during each part of the day.  Why not make a timetable with your grown ups at home?  This will help you stay focused on your work and you will be able to plan your day every morning.
  • Try to complete some of your work independently (by yourself) and some with your grown ups or older brothers and sisters.  Why not teach them some maths or SPAG?  This is your chance to become a teacher for a day!
  • Try to get at least an hour of exercise a day - this will help both your brain and your body to keep healthy!  If you can’t get outside then no problem!  The fabulous Joe Wicks (the bodycoach) will be holding a live 30 minute P.E lesson every morning at 9am on his YouTube account.  Head to to take part!
  • Do not forget how hard you have all worked this year! I am so incredibly proud of all the progress you have made and even though we are not at school for the time being, I know each and every one of you can continue to make fantastic progress.  Just follow along with the work that is being set every day!
  • Finally, I would love to see some of the fantastic home learning that I know you will all complete.  If you would like to send me some of your work you can email me at  I won’t be able to reply to you but I will get to see your work and display it on the Australia class page on the school website.  I will not upload and pictures of children (just the work!) and will only use your first name.  If you do not want your work on the website please include ‘not for publishing’ in your email!  I’m still going to be choosing Worker of the Week so please email me all your fabulous home learning!


I hope this helps you get started!  

Miss Tripp smiley