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Home Learning for 01 Oct 2021

Activity 1:  My Favourite Toy Show and Tell

Next week, we will have a favourite toy show-and-tell. Please ask your child to bring in their favourite toy on Friday (08 Oct). If it is not possible, please can you take a photo of your child with his/her toy. E-mail your photo/s to


This is a good opportunity for children to develop their language skills and share something personal to them with their friends. Please help your child prepare for the show-and-tell by discussing with them what they like about their toy.


Here are some questions to guide you:


(1) What is your favourite toy? Does it have a name?

(2) Describe your toy.

(3) Who gave it to you?

(4) What can your toy do?

(5) How do we look after our toys?



Activity 2:  The Little Red Hen

Watch the story of the The Little Red Hen on the class page and ask your child these questions to check if they understood the story.



(1)     Who are the animals in the story? (hen, cat, duck, pig)

(2)   What did the Little Red Hen find in the field? (a seed/wheat seed)

(3)   What did the Little Red Hen do with the seed she found? (plant it)

(4)    Did any of her friends help her? (no)

(5)   What did the Little Red Hen bake? (bread)

(6)    Did the Little Red Hen share the bread with her friends? (no)

(7)     If you were the Little Red Hen, would you have shared the bread with your farm animal friends? Why or
         why not?

The Little Red Hen

Play the Farm Animal game (click the image below) where they need to listen to different animal sounds and try and figure out which animal made that sound.





Activity 3:  Matching and Sorting

This week, the children have been learning about matching and sorting objects according to similar properties such as colour, size and function. Play the online Matching Activity to test your child’s matching and sorting skills.


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