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Home Learning for 10 Sep 2021

Activity  1:  All About Me

 This term we will be covering the topic All About Me. To get to know your child better, we would like you to help them fill up our all about me profile and send it back to us next week.


Activity  2:  I Like Me

Next week, we will be talking about what children like about themselves. In the meantime, you can help them prepare for the activity by encouraging them to describe themselves (e.g. what they look like, what they like to do). Try using some descriptive words and model to your child how to speak in short sentences. For example, instead of just saying “eyes”, encourage them to say “I have brown eyes”.  Why not use a mirror and ask your child to tell you what they see?


Click the link below to download the activity sheet.

Activity 3:  We Are Different, We Are The Same

Watch the video below and talk to your child about how all of us are different. Ask your child to think about what makes them unique from others, for example, their siblings or other children.

I'm Quite Unique (Celebrating Our Differences)

Celebrate the characteristics that make each of us unique and special.