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Home Learning for 17 Sep 2021

Activity 1:  Listening Game

Have fun identifying sounds that can be heard indoors. Ask your child to listen very carefully to each sound and analyse it by relating it to their experience of the world. Sometimes identifying individual sounds is the key; at other times they will need to distinguish the sounds they already know within montages of many sounds.


Click on the picture on the right to listen to the sounds.



Activity 2:  Colour Hunt

Watch the story Mouse Paint and review the primary colours (red, blue and yellow). Ask your child to go on a colour hunt at home. How many red, blue and yellow items can they find? If you have paint or watercolour, why not try to do some colour mixing?

Mouse Paint


Activity 3:  Counting Songs

This week, we have been learning some counting songs. Encourage them to sing these songs at home to help them rote count to 5.

Five Little Ducks

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Five Little Monkeys

Five Currant Buns In A Baker's Shop