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If you are home awaiting a Covid-19 test, here are some links to keep you up-to-date with your learning.

Our spelling words this week all end with -ly.  What could you do to practise them at home?


regularly       occasionally       frequently       usually

rarely       certainly       possibly       probably


Think about the root words that form these words. 

What rules can you spot for adding the -ly ending?



And, don't forget to keep working on your times tables knowledge with Times Tables Rockstars, as well as your reading with myON.


Pirate ship animations!

Still image for this video

A band of blood-thirsty pirates!



As part of our work during ‘Treasure Island Week’ we drew our own pirate faces and painted them.  The black edging really makes them stand out.  Here they are in more detail.  Remember, click a smaller picture to get an even closer look.   Ahrrrrrr Jim-lad! 


Enjoy our Class Assembly!

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Varjak Paw Display


After we wrote our excellent stories based on Varjak Paw, we created neat final excerpts.  It has created a beautiful display in the corridor outside our classroom!


Lots of room at the Bug Hotel!

As part of our ‘Into the Wild’ topic, we made our very own Bug Hotels from recycled materials.  They were a lot of fun to make, and there were so many different designs and ideas.  Can you find yours?  Can you spot which materials have been recycled to create each hotel?  (Click a picture to see a larger version).

Habitats theme music

We imagined there was a new documentary about Habitats and we had been asked to provide the theme tune.  Using Garageband, we learned a simple tune on the glockenspiels and recorded our performance to the backing track.  Here is the final result!  Well done everyone! 

The finished theme:

Still image for this video

Polar art

As part of our topic of ‘Into the Wild’, we used a drawing tutorial to sketch a polar bear.  Then, we created the polar landscape for the background - using mixed media of watercolours, chalk and collage.  The results were superb!  Take a look for yourself.  Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Varjak Paw News Reports


We had a lot of fun making radio news reports based on the book ‘Varjak Paw’.  Click here to go to a special page where you can listen!

Charcoal sketching


For Art, we completed some fantastic sketches based on our class book of ‘Varjak Paw’.  We closely observed one of the illustrations from the start of the book and then created our own versions.  The charcoal was really fun to use!  (Remember you can click on one of these images to see a larger version).

Creative Comics!

As part of our work in English about our book ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’, we predicted how the story might end and created a comic strip version.  Take a look - I am sure you will agree that they look marvellous!  Well done to everyone for the hard work and effort you put into them!

Easter Craft Fun!

We had a lot of fun during our Easter craft afternoon making pop-up cards of Easter chicks.  The folding part was a bit tricky to make the beak but it was worth the effort!  They look amazing!

Viking Brooches


As part of our topic of Raiders and Invaders, we had great fun making these Viking style brooches.  To make them we used a circle of cardboard, string, PVA glue, tin foil and coloured paper.  Can you work out how we made them?


I am sure you will agree they look fantastic!  Can you find your one? (Click on a picture to see a bigger version).

Black History Month

Black History Month celebrates the life and work of Black people from the past and present.

Year 4 learned about Nelson Mandela and the challenges he faced as an individual in South Africa. They also learned about the changes he brought to South African when he was elected as President in 1994. 

The children spoke about what they had discovered during the session and had to reflect on the change they wanted to see in their world. See below for the end product. 


The better world we would like to see:



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