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India (Year 4)


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Curriculum Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser


This weeks words are revision of the spelling rules learned in Year 4:


reign    different    possession     accidentally


surprise    interest    disappear


recent    occasionally     believe



Do you know the meanings of all these words?  If not, check with a dictionary.

Which do you think are the trickiest?  What can you do to help you remember the correct spellings?




Click here to go to the Spelling Shed website, where you can log in at home and practise your spellings for this week (your username and password is inside your contact book).




Also, don't forget to keep working on your Times Tables with the Times Tables Rockstars website.



Anglo Saxon Ship Animations


We had a very fun time making animations using the iPads of an Anglo Saxon ship.  We were even able to add sound effects!

Click here to go to the page with all the videos on.  

Can you find yours and explain how it was made?

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations


We had a very fun time in school learning about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and taking part in different activities.  Here are some pictures.  We even met the Queen (well….sort of!) and presented her with flowers we had made!

Bug Hotels


As part of our ‘Into the Wild’ topic, we designed and made bug hotels from recycled materials.  We had a lot of fun making them!

Russian Blue (Cats) Page Spreads


The cats in ‘Varjak Paw’ are based on the breed called Russian Blues.  We completed research about them and then created these fantastic double-page spreads in our English books.  Everyone worked really hard on them and created some work to feel really proud of.  Click on a picture to see a larger version.  

Varjak Paw Cat News Reports



We had a lot of fun writing and recording our news reports based on the book ‘Varjak Paw’.


Click here to go to a special page to be able to listen to them!

Dreams and Ambitions


As part of our dreams and ambitions week, we came to school dressed as our dream job.  Do any of these careers take your fancy?



We had a very exciting afternoon when visited by some wonderful wild creatures.  We found out a lot and some of the expressions on the faces here are priceless!

Enjoy our Class Assembly!

(Parents - the password will be sent to you via text message)

The Vikings are coming!


We had a lot of fun using air-drying clay to make Viking heads.  It was very important to join the pieces of clay and blend together so that it dried as one piece.  They look fantastic!  Can you find yours?

Wonderful World Art and Poetry


As part of our work in RE at the start of Term 3, the children created some lovely poems about what they would like to see in a Wonderful World, creating a watercolour artwork to go with it.  Click on these smaller images to get a better look.  Super work everyone!


Christmas Card Fun!


We had a lovely afternoon making our Christmas cards!  Take a look here, and remember you can click or tap on a picture to see a larger version!



Special Visitors!


We had two very special visitors come into the classroom recently… Woody and Rex (our lovely school guinea pigs).  Everyone was very excited to see them, but remained very calm so they weren’t scared.  We hope they will come back to visit us again soon!



Claude display


Look at this great display of work that is in the corridor outside the year four classrooms!  Everyone worked hard to make a beautiful neat copy of their story based on the Claude series of books.

Coast to Coast Art

As part of our topic Coast to Coast we created some collages using tissue paper and sugar paper.  We did pencil sketches beforehand and used it for inspiration and ideas.  Everyone worked hard and had a lot of fun!  Can you find yours? (Click on a picture to see a larger version).


Here are some useful links:




Keep reading the online books so you keep your reading skills up to scratch and earn points towards your termly AR target:
Click here to visit the website



Purple Mash

There are always lots of things to do here depending on your interests - from art... to computing!

Click here to visit the website




Visit the Duolingo site to continue developing your skills in French.
Click here to visit the website



Times Tables Rockstars
Keep playing TTR regularly so you keep those facts fresh in your mind.  Not only will you earn coins for the shop, but it will help you so much in all areas of maths.
Click here to visit the website
You can use your login to continue the course we started in school, or access any of the fun hour of code activities (you don't even need to log in).
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