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Kenya (Year 1 and Year 2)


Friday 10th December 


Morning Kenya class, did you see where Miss Sexton’s elf was yesterday? Don’t forget to go and look on the advent calendar page to see where he is today! 


We are going to start with listening to a story today. Listen to this story and then draw a picture of your favourite part of it and explain why you liked that part.


For Maths please complete the activity for the class you are in for Maths.


Mrs Walters Maths

Mrs Atkinson’s Maths

For English today I would like you to use the picture underneath to help you to write some sentences about Christmas. 


Remember capital letters, full stops, adjectives and adverbs! 

This afternoon we are going to do some PE! Click on the links below and join in! 

Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend.

Mrs Atkinson x

Good morning Kenya class, 


I hope you had a lovely afternoon yesterday making Christmas cards! 


This morning we are starting with Guided Reading. 


There are 2 passages to read and questions to answer. Please read the one which you’re most comfortable reading and then answer the questions on that one.



Maths today, please complete the activities for the class you are with for Maths. 


Mrs Walters Maths group

Mrs Atkinson Maths group

English - use your imagination to write about what you think Santa’s elves do the day after Christmas and why you think that. Use all your sounds and the punctuation we have learnt so far in class. 

This afternoon we are going to look at map symbols. We have done some of this in class already but have a look at the pictures to remind you and then create your own map symbols for the places on the list below. 

Don’t forget to look at the advent calendar online to see where the elf has been! 

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Atkinson x

Good morning Kenya class,


I hope you are all feeling well and Christmassy this morning 🙂🎄


To start with we are going to do some reading. I would like you to read one of your favourite books - you could read one yourself or get an adult to read a book to you, or listen to a book being read. The link below will take you to CBeebies bedtime stories where you can choose a story. 




For Maths please complete the activities below, I have labelled them as Mrs Atkinson Maths group and Mrs Walters Maths group so the children know which to complete. You don’t have to print the sheets you can just write the numbers on a piece of paper. 

Mrs Atkinson’s Maths class

Mrs Walters’ Maths group

For English today, write a letter to Santa. You can tell Santa what you are proud of achieving this year, what you are looking forward to most about Christmas and decorate it with lots of pictures and drawings. Use the word mat to help you spell tricky words. 

Finally, this afternoon would have been our Christmas card making afternoon, so at home I’d like you to make a Christmas card. You can use anything you like to make your card, you can draw a picture on paper, cut and stick, make it shiny and colourful. 

Have lots of fun with it! 

Here are some examples to help you but you can create whatever design you would like.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Atkinson x

This afternoon we have started out Christmas preparations by making trees for our class hoop to hang in the hall! 🎄

KS1 letter

Today we have been thinking about poppies. We created purple poppies to remember the animals who died during the wars.

We made sparklers in Art

Kenya Class Assembly

If your child is at home awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test, these are some websites which they can access to complete some learning at home, based around phonics, English and Maths.

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