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Kenya (Year 1 and Year 2)


Please see the letter above explaining details of the class closure and the dates for return.

I know for many parents the date of return and how long the bubble is closed is very confusing. When a positive case is reported, I have a conversation with the DfE Covid helpline. During this conversation a risk assessment is carried out. The risk assessment is then used to determine the date of return.

Depending on each individual case this can be determined by either the date of a test or the date the person first had symptoms. Anyone in contact 48 hours before either of these are then counted as close contact. However, the isolation starts from the symptom date or the test date not the last point of contact. I hope this clarifies the situation

Miss Sexton

Class Closure.

As you are aware there has been a case of Covid in the year group bubble. All children are asked to isolate at home and will return to school on Thursday 8th July. A letter explain this will be posted on here tomorrow morning. Please stay safe. 

Class Closure

As yet the school has not heard about a return date for Year 1. We are waiting for a call back from The DfE Covid adviceline. Once the school hears we will let you know. Many thanks.

It has been so lovely to hear from some of you today, it is very quiet without you! Your work has been beautiful and I am very proud of all of you! Well done! 

It was also nice to hear that grown ups had been joining in with the dancing with you as well! 🀩

Good morning Kenya class!

It’s a bit of a grey morning today, although it isn’t raining which is good! 

Thank you Logan and Nikolai for sending me your work yesterday it was lovely to hear from you!


To start with this morning we have got a story called ‘Grandad’s Island’. It is written by Benji Davis who is the author of the storm whale books we have been reading. It is also read by Benji Davis, enjoy!

Benji Davies reads Grandad's Island

I would like you to draw me a picture of your favourite part of Grandad’s Island and write a sentence or two underneath about why you like that part of the story.


Maths today, we are carrying on looking at position. We are going to link it to PE as today is our PE day. 

First of all have a look at these warm up questions:

Have a go at seeing if you can get into the positions on each slide of this PowerPoint, how quickly can you do it, can you get quicker each time?

Finally today, have a dance along to our favourite song in class to dance to!

KIDZ BOP Kids - Fight Song (Dance Along) [KIDZ BOP 30]

Have a wonderful day and work hard, be good and be kind.


Mrs Atkinson x

Good morning Kenya class!


I am sad not to be seeing your lovely faces this morning. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend though 😊

If you’d like to tell me what you got up to this weekend, you can send me an email on the email address at the top of the page! 


This morning we are going to start with some phonics. You can use the link here to play some of the phonics games you play in class. Please choose the correct phase for the phonics group you are in:


Mrs Atkinson’s phonics group - phase 5

Mrs Beatty’s phonics group - phase 3

Mrs Kay’s phonics group - phase 2


Phonics play


Phonics bloom


For English today I would like you to read/listen to this information book about baby lions and to draw a picture of a lion cub and write 3 facts you learnt from the book today. 



Baby lions

Maths today we are going to be thinking about positional language again. 

Remind yourself of Left and Right. See if you can put your left/right arm/leg out when asked to do so by your grown up.


Play a game with your brother/sister or grown up, place a teddy in different places around a chair and talk about if the teddy is on the chair, behind the chair, next to the chair.

See if you can use some of these words to explain where teddy is:



Have a lovely day today! 
I look forward to hearing from you all.


Mrs Atkinson x

Our caterpillars have hatched into butterflies! We are going to release them on the school field tomorrow πŸ›πŸ¦‹

Kenya Class Assembly

We had lots of fun today with our Easter craft afternoon! We made Easter cards and Easter wreaths 🐣 🐰 🍫

We visited the moon today!

Fantastic Christmas cards πŸŽ„

Our collage art work based upon our book β€˜Where the Wild Things Are’

Our learning last term on food, Arcimboldo and our home learning on Kenya.

Poppy collages for Remembrance Day

Year 1 Term 2 Knowledge organiser

Key Maths instant recall facts

Term 2 newsletter 2020

If your child is at home awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test, these are some websites which they can access to complete some learning at home, based around phonics, English and Maths.