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Please check the work page for today (blue crayon) as I have uploaded 2 more chapters of The Faraway Tree today 🙂


I wanted to share with you all a Bulgarian tradition which Nikolai’s family shared with me about the 1st March. 

In Bulgaria on the 1st March there is a tradition called Baba Marta which is celebrated by making martenitsi. A Martenitsi is traditionally two wool dolls, one red and one white which are given as gifts to other loved ones. These can be made or bought and are pinned to clothes or worn around the wrist. They are a symbol of hope that the Winter will pass quickly and the stork will return from migration.
Nikolai made one of these with his family and it is beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me Nikolai, I had never heard about Baba Marta and I found it very interesting to read about! 

Look at this amazing bridge challenge, made completely out of lolly sticks! Very proud of the perseverance shown here 🤩

So very proud of the determination and perseverance shown to learn to ride his bike. What lovely weather this afternoon for lots of bike riding in the garden! Well done!

Fantastic Christmas cards 🎄

Our collage art work based upon our book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Our learning last term on food, Arcimboldo and our home learning on Kenya.

Poppy collages for Remembrance Day

Year 1 Term 2 Knowledge organiser

Key Maths instant recall facts

Term 2 newsletter 2020

If your child is at home awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test, these are some websites which they can access to complete some learning at home, based around phonics, English and Maths.