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Maths 2-2







Learning Goals:

I am learning to develop one-to-one correspondence and say one number name for each object.

I am learning to recognise a numeral from 1 to 8 and find the matching number of objects.



Watch the episode Numberblocks 2.3: Eight.


This episode illustrates the following concepts:

  • saying the counting numbers up to 8: children should recognise the cardinal principle of counting that the lat number counted represents the entire set of objects counted
  • partitioning and combining to 8: Eight is formed from combining One and Seven and then partitioned again


After the video ask your child what they noticed and allow them to talk to you about it. 


The following images are designed to stimulate children and adults to talk about the episode and draw out some of the key aspects of the mathematics.


Image 1: Who does Eight remind you of (a superhero)? Why does Eight call himself ‘Octoblock’? (‘Oct’ is a clue that the word is about ‘eight’). What other words can you think of that begin with ‘oct’ (octopus)?

Picture 1 Click on image to enlarge

Can you think of other things to do with 8? Show the following slides to see some more examples of 8 things. Encourage your child to count.



Image 2: Use this image to practise counting to 8.

Picture 1 Click on image to enlarge


Number Song: 

End the session by practising rote counting: Dream English: “Let’s Count 1 to 10”.