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Wednesday 1st April


Good morning everyone and welcome to the month of April!


Well done to Harriet and Leon who guessed the answer to yesterdays riddle correctly - it was an envelope!


So here we go with todays riddle

What begins with T, finishes with T and has T in it?


Leon, am so happy to hear that you are able to continue your piano lessons virtually. I bet you are getting so good now - can’t  wait for you to play something for me!


Hope you all have a good day. Stay safe!

Miss Hart 😝


Tuesday 31st March


Good morning all and welcome to the last day of March! Thank you to James, Katelyn, Jessica B, Paras and Georgia who answered my riddle yesterday. The answer was ‘Are you asleep?’ - you can never answer yes to that because you would be asleep!


Here is todays riddle for you


What begins with an E but only has one letter in it?


Let me know what you think the answer is. Don’t forget to email me to let me know what learning you doing and anything else creative that you have been up to. Hearing from you all really cheers me up!


Hope you all have a good day and stay safe

Miss Hart 😁


Monday 30th March


Good morning everyone! I hope you all remembered that the clocks went forward yesterday and that we are now officially in British Summertime even though for me that meant rain and hail. Did you all have some strange weather yesterday?


The answer to my riddle on Friday was of course a Piano - well done to Katelyn, Jessica B, Leon, Phoebe,Jack, Aarna, Paras, Freya and Heidi who all got that correct! So, todays riddle


What question can you never answer yes to?

Also, a new word of the week for you. So many of you were right in saying that unprecedented means not known before or not done before. We are living in unprecedented times right now. So this week’s word is



I like this word as it is fun to say! Let me know what it means and see if you can use it in any of the writing tasks that your teachers have set you.

Have another fun day learning at home and feel free to let me know about anything interesting that you are doing - I love to hear from you all!


Stay safe, Miss Hart 🥳

Friday 27th March


Morning all! Bit of a chillier start to the day, I am going to have to defrost my car before I drive into school. I blame myself, I wore flip flops yesterday - Miss Sexton told me I was mad!!


Thank you to Cameron in Australia class and Leon who got the answer to my riddle correct yesterday - the answer was silence. Cameron, thank you for asking me if I’m ok. I am very well thank you apart from cold feet after the flip flop incident! I hope your shepherds pie was good!


Right, my riddle for the day is

What has 88 keys but cannot open a single door?

Let me know what you think the answer is to this. 

Yesterday, a very strange thing happened to me. I was in the library putting out some new books (I will share some pictures of these later) and I got trapped by a penguin (have a look on Sri Lanka class page to see the evidence). I believe I am not the only one to have met him. Can anyone help me as I was trapped by him in the library for ages! Where has he come from? What does he want? Any advice would be greatly received!


Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from more of you today!

Miss Hart 🙃

Thursday 26th March


Good morning all! Hope you were all able to get into the garden yesterday and enjoy the beautiful weather. Thank you to Leon, Freya, Harriet and Mr Trodd who all had a go at solving my riddle yesterday. The correct answer was seven! An odd number to start with then remove the ‘s’ and it leaves you with even! 


Leon, in answer to the riddle you set me, I think the answer is a tablet or a laptop. Am I right? Mr Trodd, in answer to the riddle that you set me, I think the answer is a stamp. Am I right? Thank you all so much for sending me your riddles and asking if I am ok - I am fine thank you very much. Hearing from all of you is making me a lot happier!


So, the riddle for today is


What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?


You know what to do if you think you have the answer! Also, I hope that you are all doing lots of reading, tell me what books you have been reading and if they are any good.


Look forward to hearing from you all today!


Miss Hart 🤪

Wednesday 25th March


Morning all! It’s was so lovely to hear from you all yesterday. Well done to Mr Trodd who also guessed the answer to my riddle correctly, the answer was of course a towel!! I think I am going to need to make it harder today so here we go!


I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?


Don’t forget to email me with what you think the answer is and also set me a riddle to solve to keep my brain working - just like Leon did yesterday.


I have loved seeing pictures of your work and also it made me really happy to see you reading - Lewis, was great to see you reading your David Walliams book in the garden. You will have to tell me how good it is, maybe give me a recommendation to see if I should read it or not - I love it when people tell me which books they have enjoyed.


On the subject of David Walliams, he is releasing a free audio book at 11am each day for you to listen to. The link for that can be found on his website


Let me know if you listen.


Have another good day and continue with all of your amazing learning.

Miss Hart😊

Wow, Jake has already been able to solve the riddle. He used a very sensible technique to help him work out the answer - I will share it with you later, don’t want to give you too much help!


Thank you to Ayisha for all of the synonyms you sent me - wont share those yet as don’t want to give too much away.


A mystery is solved too - the amazing work that I shared yesterday was from Lillie-Denise. Well done you for working so hard to find out the meaning of the word of the week!

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning to you all! As promised, I am here with a challenge for you this morning (teachers and parents feel free to join in too!). I shall be providing you with a daily riddle to solve - email me with what you think the answer is. I will then reveal the answer and those who got it right tomorrow! You can even send me some challenging riddles too - I will do my best to answer them. So today’s riddle is


What becomes wetter the more it dries?


I look forward to seeing who can solve this! Remember to email me with this, word of the week and anything else you would like to share with me!


Keep learning from home and am looking forward to hearing from you


Miss Hartwink

Well, we have someone who has been able to solve my riddle and find out the correct meaning of the word of the week - well done to you Heidi. Thank you so much for sharing your learning with me too, you have been very busy already! Can’t wait to see if anyone else can solve my riddle!

Well done to Harriet, Alisha and Leon who have all correctly solved the riddle! It’s obviously too easy so a much harder one tomorrow!


Well done to Leon and someone who hasn’t sent me their name (but I shall attach your work below) for their great definitions of the word of the week. (Love the huge dictionary Leon, you wouldn’t be able to carry that in your bag!) Leon, in answer to your riddle, I believe the answer is a mountain and the riddle is taken from one of my favourite books, The Lord of the Rings!

Loving Heidi’s home learning!

Loving Heidi’s home learning! 1

Who does this fabulous work belong to?

Who does this fabulous work belong to? 1


Monday 23rd March

Hi everyone! I hope you have enjoyed your first day of learning at home. Welcome to my page! I thought this would be a great way for us to still do our word of the week. This week our word will be




Do you know what it means? Are you able to use it in a piece of writing? Can you think of any synonyms for it or where the word comes from? If yes is the answer to any of these questions, email me at I will check my emails everyday and share with you who knows what the word means. Then, on Friday, I will reveal the meaning and share the word for next week. Also, feel free to email me just to let me know what you are up to.


One final thing, I will be setting up a daily challenge starting tomorrow, you will have to come back to my page to find out what it is.


Be back here tomorrow! Stay safe, Miss Hartsmiley