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Wednesday 1st July

Good morning everyone and welcome to July!! I can’t believe we have reached the 7th month of the year already!


You all doing some amazing reading! Since we launched myON a week ago, as a school you have spend 79 hours reading with a total of 658 books being read! That is amazing!


Shout out to all of you who have completed a STAR reading test - congratulations to Harrison, Danny D, Mya and Aarna who have made some astonishing progress. Well done to all of you!


Lots of you have been meeting your AR target too. So far Lanre, Leon, Aarya, Rainey, Tobi, Harriet, Georgia and Oliver have met their targets. Amazing work! The class that is currently in the lead with the most people quizzing is Mexico, with Egypt hot on their heels!!


Italy and Norway - you will receive your log ins for myON in your final pack from school.


In other news, we have a cub of the month in our midst! It is lovely to see that you have been doing science experiments, hikes, planning fire escapes and making a skeleton to help earn your badges. Great work Nate!

Well done to Leon as well! You have successfully nurtured your caterpillars until they have turned into butterflies. How amazing (I much prefer them as they are now!) What will you do with them now? I notice that there are grapes with them, is that what they need to eat?
Aarna has also been doing some amazing coding to create the rainbow from our school logo. You will have to give me some lessons on how to do this!

Amazing coding!

Still image for this video

I hope you all have a great day and stay safe!

Miss Hart 🙃

Friday 26th June

Another myON/AR update!

More information about myON

Still image for this video

It’s lovely to see what you have all been up to! Cameron and Sofia, I am not jealous of you in your swimming pool at all!!


Leon - Am very pleased to see that you caterpillars are changing but I was not impressed but the jellyfish, they really scared me!!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to do your reading!!


Stay Safe


Miss Hart ☀️

Even more exciting news!!


Thank you all for your emails about myON, I am so glad to see how many of you have already logged on and started reading books! Let me know if there are any books you recommend I read as I can read them all too!!


A big round of applause and shout out to these children who have already completed quizzes!

They are Issac, Ruby P, Sumpriti, Arya, Bhuvi, Noah, Oliver, Libby, Parma, Freya, Jasmine, Paras and Bose!


You will be pleased to know that I have set you all new targets on AR so see if you can meet your target this term!


Rio - I think the reason that your ZPD is wrong is because you have not clicked the sync button at the top of your home page. I have now done this on yours and I believe it is the right ZPD now.


So, to sync to your STAR reading test, you just click on the connect button on the top banner of your home page.


However, since it has been such a long time since you have done a STAR reading test, I would like to now announce some very exciting news!!



You can either click on the AR button on myON to access this or follow the link below to take you to our AR login page.




So, try taking another STAR reading test to see how much your reading has improved and see if you can get your ZPD even higher. If you are having trouble connecting to AR to get your STAR score, let me know and I can sort you out.


Have a lovely evening


Miss Hart 📚

Exciting News!!

How you can read books online at home!

Hi, thanks to those of you that have had some trouble for letting me know. I think I have now resolved these issues!


Jack - I have tried yours and it seems to be working. Could you check and let me know!


Always a few teething problems when you try something new!


Enjoy your day everyone and stay safe


Miss Hart

My On!!

Still image for this video
Oh, and Leon your caterpillars are starting to scare me now - they are getting very big. You know I don’t like creepy crawly things!

Monday 15th June

Hi all! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Libby certainly did with a trip to Knole park where she met some very friendly deer!


Leon is also having some fun with animals, he has some caterpillars which have grown so much over the weekend! Can’t wait to see them when they have become butterflies 🦋

I will have another challenge for you later in the week. 


Until then, stay safe


Miss Hart 🥳

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning all!


Just a quick reminder for you to see my maths challenge (look below). I will be doing it today and will then share the answers with you on Thursday. To give you some inspiration, I will show you what the Bucklands have done - not showing you their answers though! Their systematic method is very effective so you might want to use this to inspire you!

I look forward to seeing some more of your work by tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great day even though the weather is quite miserable 🙁


Stay safe

Miss Hart 🤗

Maths with Miss Hart!

Tuesday 9th June

Morning all! Hope you are having a lovely day! As promised, here is a lovely maths challenge for you all to complete. I can’t wait to see how you all go about solving this and what you think the answers are!

Well done to Freya, Harriet and The Bucklands who got the riddle correct yesterday. The thing you have lost is always in the last place you look because you stop looking when you have found it!


Harriet - I do love to play cards too. I like to play patience; it is a fun game to play on your own. When we are all back at school I will make sure that we play a card game together. Maybe you can teach me one I don’t know!


A thank you to Katelyn and Jessica who have made me feel very old by playing with some of their Mums old toys which are now described as vintage online! I see it was Polly Pocket you were playing with - they were my favourite although it was very easy to loose some of the pieces as they were very small! I had the same town one as your Mum, I loved it! I agree with your Mum, I am not old enough to be vintage!

Can’t wait to see how you all get on with the maths challenge - I will share all of the answers with you on Thursday!


Stay safe

Miss Hart 🤓

Monday 8th June

Hi all, I hope you are all well. Due to some technical difficulties today, I am not able to share my maths task with you. I am hopeful to share this with you later in the week so please do stay tuned! Meanwhile, Harriet has been doing some amazing maths, playing a game and being able to tell if a number is higher or lower. Not sure if I would want to play against you if you keep beating mum!

Play your cards right!

I would also like to thank you Leon for the photos of you vs the hammock! They made me laugh a lot! After much deliberation, I think this one was my favourite!

Here is the riddle for the day


When you look for something, why is it always in the last place that you look?

Look forward to hearing from you all


Stay safe

Miss Hart 🤩

Thursday 4th June

I hope you are all having a lovely day today!

Well done to Aarna and the Bucklands who guessed correctly - if you throw a blue stone into the Red Sea it will just become wet as the Red Sea isn’t actually red!!


Aarna - I think the answer to your joke is that the sea shows it friendly because it waves! Am I right. I am really enjoying hearing your jokes!


So, here is todays riddle


Where does Friday come before Thursday?


Let me know if you think you know the answer to this one!


Have a great day and stay safe


Miss Hart 🤩

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning all and I hope you are all well. I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather of half term, sadly the glorious sun seems to be leaving us now ☹️


As of Monday, I will have some exciting things for you to join me in. I will record some mini lessons which I would then like you to partake in and show me the outcome of your learning. On Monday we will be doing one of my favourite things - some problem solving in maths! I can’t wait to start this with you!


In the meantime, please do send me any of the work you are doing or anything else that you have been getting up to!


But of course, what you have all been waiting for, a riddle for the day!


If you throw a blue stone into the Red Sea, what will it become?


A nice easy one to get us back into the routine.


I hope you are all staying safe!


Miss Hart 😀

Friday 22nd May

I hope that this very windy day finds you all well. Well done to all of you who got the riddle correct yesterday - the answer was of course a plate! And for all of you who are aspiring comics you got the punchline right to my joke - a fairy who hasn’t had a wash is of course stinkerbelle!!


Aarna - I would lobe to know the punchline to your joke. I have tried to work it out but I can’t!


I hope you all enjoy your half term - the weather is meant to be good so I hope you have lots of fun whatever you maybe doing.


Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you all in Term 6!


Miss Hart 🤩

Thursday 21st May

Good morning all. I hope you enjoyed the glorious weather that we had yesterday.


Well done to Kayla and Mrs Buckland who got the answer to the riddle correct yesterday - the answer was of course ‘m’. So here is the riddle for today


You will buy me to eat but never eat me. What am I?


Also, a joke that I would like you to try and work out the punchline to


What do you call a fairy that hasn’t taken a bath?


Let me know if you can think of the punchline and also send me any jokes that you think will make me laugh!


I hope you all have a great day


Stay safe

Miss Hart 🙃

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning everyone! Today is meant to be a very hot day so make sure you are protected if you go outside today!


Well done to Kayla, Cameron, Leon and the Bucklands for answering yesterdays riddle - a green house is of course made from glass!


Here is todays riddle


What happens once in a lifetime, twice in a moment but never in a hundred years?


Look forward to hearing from you today and enjoy the glorious weather ☀️☀️

Stay safe

Miss Hart 🤣

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning all! I hope you have all had some lovely days doing learning in the sunshine - lets hope that this weather us here to stay! My weekend got off to an incredible start when I had this amazing message from Lewis.

It made me so happy! 😊😊I miss seeing you all so much and it is lovely to hear from you.


Other big news - the story is finished! Here is how the Bucklands finished the story.




She looked around, she couldn’t see the Avengers, just the power rangers who stood with her. Trying to make sense of what is happening she spots a pink lump. She edges closer feeling strangely brave. The pink lump is fluffy and has a horn! Checking the power rangers were still behind her she poked it with a stick. She jumped as the fluffy pink lump jumped too, it was a unicorn, a large pink fluffy unicorn. “you’re here!” said the unicorn ”quick! Jump on!” not knowing why she agreed. She sat on the back of the unicorn who rode over the rainbows singing “pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows”. They rode through a mystical lagoon and an enchanted forest landing in her back garden. It was different, Calm.  The red eyes monsters were gone.




Cautiously she went inside her house, it was clear! She ran up the stairs to her room, closed the door and got in to bed. The next morning everything was normal. She woke up with her favourite toys next to her, the power rangers, the Avengers and her pink fluffy unicorn. Next to her bed laid her brothers toy, his large red monster who was so tatty he had just one eye.   


I am going to enter this story into a competition to see if we can win some books so I will let you know how that goes. Stay tuned after half term for the next task I will have that I need your help with!


Here is todays riddle


If a red house is made of red bricks and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks, what is a green house made from?

Well done to all of you that answered the quiz questions, glad you all enjoyed it. Were you able to get them all right? Here are the answers from Harriet, Reggie and Dottie and the Bucklands



Quiz answers


Still image for this video

I look forward to hearing from you during the day.


Saty safe

Miss Hart 😎

The Big Westcourt Quiz!

Friday 15th May

Good morning as we draw to the end of another week of learning.

Now Freya, you have made me very jealous and hungry! Your malteaser cakes look absolutely delicious and she has been kind enough to share the recipe so that we can have a go at making them!


Well done to all of you who got the riddle right yesterday - it was of course your shadow. You can’t loose that, unless of course you are Peter Pan!


So here is the riddle for today

What gets bigger the more you take away?


Good news on the story front too, the Buckland clan are going to continue it today, can’t wait to see how it goes.


Have a good day everyone and stay safe!

Miss Hart 🥰

Thursday 14th May

Good morning all! I am very excited to share with you the next paragraph of our story, written by Leon. Here we go!


I wonder how this story is going to end. Let me know today if you would like to finish off the story today!


Yesterdays riddle was a popular one! Well done to Lewis, Leon, Nate and Harriet who got the answer correct - it was a comb! I did also like the Bucklands answer too of a zip!


Harriet- happy birthday to you! Glad to see you had a brilliant day - your cake looked amazing! I hope I get one like that for my birthday which is in half term. So glad to see you are still smiling!

Happy birthday!

Thank you to all of you that have asked how I am. I am very well thank you, enjoying taking my dogs out for walks and starting to learn how to use my birthday present which I was allowed early (I will tell you about that later!). Am missing all of you very much though!


Here is todays riddle

Everyone has it and no-one can loose it. What is it?


Good luck with this one. Have a great day and don’t forget to let me know if you want to do the story.


Stay safe


Miss Hart 😎

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning all! I am very excited to announce that Leon is going to do the next paragraph of our story; I hope it will be as good as the first one you did! No pressure!


Well done to the Buckland family, Nate and Leon who all got the riddle correct - of course all of the months have 28 days! 


So, here is todays riddle

I have many teeth but cannot bite. What am I?


Look forward to hearing from you all today


Stay safe

Miss Hart 🤪

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning!

Still image for this video

VE Day celebrations!

Very jealous of the hair and the biscuits!

Thursday 7th May

Morning all! Not quite sure where my page from yesterday has gone, I will have to speak to our technical man, Mr T!


Anyway, here is Nate’s continuation of our story

The girl questioned the woman “You are a stranger, why should I follow you? How did you know I was coming?” The woman moved closer and said “I’m your fairy godmother” and removed her strange robe to reveal a most colourful power rangers outfit. The girl was shocked and laughed. She followed the woman down a dark hallway where the floors creaked and the walls were lit with old fashioned torches. The girl could hear the church bells getting closer. Eventually they came to another door which upon opening the girl came face to face with the Avengers. She hid behind the woman and said “I still don’t know why I am here you still have not explained what’s going on?”


So, who is going to take on the next paragraph, please do let me know. I am very excited now that we have a slight twist in the story!


Glad to see that people are still busy doing lots of different types of learning at home. For example, Leon has been making pizzas and growing crystals! Both of your creations look beautiful!


Here is todays riddle for you


How many letters are there in the English alphabet?


Not as straightforward as you may think, I warn you of that now!


Stay safe and look forward to hearing from you


Miss Hart 🤓

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning all, I hope you are all feeling well today. Nate was doing yesterdays paragraph, as soon as I can , I will add it to our story. I then need a volunteer to do our paragraphs for today - let me know if you want that to be you!


Freya has been doing some amazing artwork to show her support for the NHS - how thoughtful Freya!


Supporting the NHS

Also, the Buckland sisters had fun yesterday building Stonehenge out of cardboard.It is very impressive girls!

I will be back later on with the riddle for the day and the next paragraph for our story. Let me know if you want to be the one to write it!


Stay safe


Miss Hart🥰

Monday 4th May

Good morning to you all and happy Star Wars day to you! May the 4th be with you all day!

Aarna was busy on Friday, not only did she solve the very difficult mathematical riddle, she also wrote an amazing paragraph to continue our story. Here it is!



The voice echoed throughout the room. More perplexed than ever she could feel a chill running down her spine. The next thing she knew she was face to face with a woman wearing a strange robe. She had a curious look on her face. She gave a cold glance to the girl and asked, 

"Why are you late?". The girl was petrified but trying hard not to show. She replied, "Who are you? and what is this place?". The woman smiled wryly and said, "Follow me and you will know very soon."


Let me know who wants to continue the story for us today- it is turning out to be very gripping. I am desperate to know what is going to happen next!


I hope you all had a relaxing weekend although I doubt any of us were quite as relaxed as Libby. You are quite right that you and Mummy deserved a spa afternoon after all of your hard work learning at home, shame that Drew was trying to eat the cucumber! 


Just relaxing!

So here is the riddle for today


I have to be opened but I don’t have a lid or a key to get in. What am I?


Looking forward to hearing your answers and also to finding out who is going to write the next paragraph in our amazing story.


Stay safe

Miss Hart ☺️

Friday 1st May

Good morning everyone and welcome to May! A particularly fine months if you ask me - I am sure many of you know why I think this! Lovely to hear from so many of you yesterday. Mr Trodd was very busy yesterday adding his masterpiece to our amazing story and here it is!

The next paragraph to our story

The dramatic reading!

Still image for this video

Very fine work I must say Mr T! The story is starting to get a bit scary now;I wonder what is going to happen next?! The one person who will know that is Aarna as she is going to write our next paragraph. 


Mr T - I will give your drawing challenge a go today. For those of you that I have taught you will know that art is not my strength so this should be interesting!


Libby, I love your Kenyan necklace. What I really enjoyed was seeing the process from your design to the finished product!


Kenyan necklace - Design and final product

Freya - I think that the answer to your riddle is that all the married couples survived. Am I right?


Todays riddle has a mathematical theme (loving that!)

With the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 make them add up to 100. They must stay in the same order as above. You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Remember, they have to stay in the same order!


Bit of a tricky one I think, can’t wait to see how you go about solving this-remember to show me your working out as you know I can’t see inside your head!


Dramatic reading of the story so far to follow shortly!


Stay safe

Miss Hart 😊

Thursday 30th April


Morning! (Said in the voice that I use to wake up sleepy children on residential. If you have been there you will know whatI mean!)


Here is the next part of the story, written by the Buckland family!


So she ran! As fast as she could. She didn't dare look behind her to check for the blood eyed monsters. She ran so fast she tripped over her own feet. As she fell she didn't hit the ground, she fell straight through! Falling and falling it seemed it wouldn't end. All of a sudden a blinding bright light appeared. She couldn't look any more, she had to close her eyes. 



I am very pleased to announce that we have a very special writer for our next paragraph - Mr Trodd! I am very excited to see what he can come up with!


Well done to all of you who got the riddle correct yesterday as I was a bit sneaky - there were 2 answers! You can break both silence and a promise without touching it with your hands! Well done to Areeb, Leon, The Buckland family, Georgia and Harriet who were able to get it right!


I love to see all the work you are sending me. Look at this amazing science experiment Leon did with skittles. If that had been me I would probably have eaten them!

Skittle Rainbow

I was also really impressed with Freya’s Amazon project. I can see how much effort and detail has been put into this. I had no idea that there are over 170 languages spoken by people that live in the Amazon! See, you do learn something new everyday!

Amazon project

Look out for the dramatic reading of our story so far later on and don’t forget to let me know if you would like to do a paragraph! This is turning out to be a best seller!


Take care of yourselves and your families and stay safe

Miss Hart 🧐

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning all, am pleased to see that it is a bit of a brighter day today! Well done to all of you who got the riddle right yesterday - his hair didn’t get wet because he was bald!!


Here is todays riddle

What can you break even if you never pick it up or touch it?


I look forward to hearing your answers to this one!


Our story is amazing so far, here is what Leon added yesterday


So, the Buckland family are going to add to this today (you can do 2 paragraphs if you want to as there are 3 of you!). When I have theirs, I will do a nice dramatic reading of our story so far. I hope then I will have some more volunteers to do the next part of the story.


Keep smiling and stay safe!

Miss Hart 🤩

Tuesday part 2!


Well done to all of you who got yesterdays riddle correct, the answer to it was your right elbow! I was going to post a photo of me proving this but Harriet did a great job of proving it!


You cant touch your right elbow with your right hand but you can with your left!

So here is todays riddle


Grandad went out for a walk and it started to rain. He didn’t bring an umbrella or a hat. His clothes got soaked but not a hair on his head got wet. How is this possible?


Let me know how you think this is possible. And if you do decide to go out for a walk in the rain today, make sure you do take a hat or umbrella!


Leon was having a lot of fun yesterday making some artwork after his time in the mud. You could have waited until today when it would have been a lot muddier. I hope that you didn’t make too much mess for Mum to clean up!

Great fun with messy art!

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning all, what a turn in the weather! I hope you are all having fun with all of your learning. The story is ready to be continued. Are you ready for part 2? Freya has done an amazing job!

Paragraph 2 by Freya

So Leon, it is over to you now! I will put all of your work into a word document later so that we can start reading the whole story together! Jessica, Katelyn and James are going to do paragraph 4 tomorrow - this is very exciting.


I will be back later with the riddle for the day and our story so far! Don’t forget to let me know if you want to write a paragraph!


Speak to you a bit later

Stay safe

Miss Hart 🙃

Monday 27th April


Freya has a really good idea for the story so she is going to continue with paragraph 2 - only paragraph 2 Freya, don’t get carried away! I will then share the whole story tomorrow morning and then Leon will continue with paragraph 3! By the way, it is fine if you type it in a word document or send me a photo of your handwriting - whatever works best for you!

Happy Monday!

Still image for this video

The start to the story!

Email me to let me know if you would like to do the next paragraph to the story. At 4:30 I will put up on this page who is to write the next paragraph for tomorrow!


And here it is, today’s riddle

What can you hold in your left hand but not in your right?

Look forward to hearing from you all

Stay safe

Miss Hart 😀

Friday 24th April

Good morning all! Hope you are having a lovely morning. It was so lovely to receive pictures of your gorgeous pets. Look at these lovely animals!

Our amazing animals!

Jack’s cat checking Amelia’s work!
Heidi’s cat Titch
Freya’s dog Rosie

One of my dogs, Dexter, having a nose out of the window!

Heidi has even written a story about her cat Titch and her dog Teddy. Heidi, my dogs help me to sleep too!
Super themed work yesterday as it was St Georges day - I hope you didn’t have to fight any dragons!

There were so many of you that had a go at the riddle yesterday and I loved your reasoning for your answers. Leon was very scientific and thought it might be H because the formula for water is H2O! The Buckland family thought it might me T as there is lots of water in T - you know how much I love a cup of tea! Well done to Jack, Cameron M, Freya and Harriet who got the correct answer of C! By the way, Katelyn, Jessica and James, I think the answer to your riddle is a towel.


Moving on to todays riddle

A girl fell off a 20 foot ladder. She wasn’t hurt. Why?


I hope that this is is a little bit trickier for you today!


Harriet, you were asking about my hair. It currently has some purple in it but is fading fast! And in response to your question about a video, you need to tune in on Monday as I have a special task that I will need all of your help with! So have a great day of learning today, a fun weekend and I look forward to sharing my idea with you on Monday!

Stay safe

Miss Hart 🤩




Thursday 23rd April


Good morning to you all! Another glorious day so I hope you will take this opportunity to do some of your learning outside if you can! It is lovely to be hearing from you all again. Well done to Leon, Freya, Jessica B, Katelyn and James who got the answer to yesterdays riddle correct - it was your voice! Reggie and Dottie also got it right and took it a step further by sending me a video of them using their loud voices - loved it! So ready for todays riddle:

Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?


Yesterday, Mrs Outred, myself and the children in school were talking about our pets that we have at home. My two dogs are keeping me company today although one of them snores very loudly so that can be quite distracting at times. I would love to hear about what pets you have, what they are called and how they are helping you with your learning and keeping you company. I will show you a picture of my dogs helping me later!


Look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe

Miss Hart 🐶

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning to you all and what a beautiful morning it is!


It’s lovely to be hearing from you all again. Leon - do you really need to ask if I at a lot of chocolate over Easter? I think we all know the answer to that! You will have to let me know what you think of the Harry Potter films. Who is you favourite character and how do you think they compare to the books?


Anyway, what I know you have all been desperately waiting for - it’s riddle time!! So, am going to make them a bit harder now as you are all far too good at them!


What can you hear but not see or touch even though you control it?

Let me know what you think the answer might be. Look forward to hearing from you all.


Stay safe

Miss Hart 😁




Tuesday 21st April

Good morning all! I hope that you all had a brilliant Easter holidays and enjoyed the lovely weather that we had. Thank you so much to Lewis for your lovely Easter message - it really made me smile!


Also, very jealous of Libby’s new purple hair which her Mum dyed using crepe paper! I never knew that you could do that! You are right Libby - I do like it a lot!

Amazing crepe paper dyed hair!

You may also remember that before half term I showed you Harriet’s Easter bunny in progress, well the final result is absolutely amazing! Well done to Harriet and Mum!

Before and after. What an amazing creation!

Whilst I am working in school today, I am going to think of another riddle to set you - this one needs to be really hard as you are so good at solving them! Don’t forget to send me any work that you have been doing or anything that you think might make me laugh. You know how much I love a good joke!


Stay Safe

Miss Hart 🤪

Friday 3rd April

Wow! All of you have been working so hard sending me answers to my riddles and pictures of your work - my email inbox is almost full!!


Thatnk you to all of these children who took the time to solve my riddle:Libby, Leon, Reggie, Heidi, Cameron (Australia class), Jack R, Freya, Paras, Jessica B and Katelyn. The answer was Mary! Well done to those of you that guessed that correctly.


So the riddle for today is

What has one head, one foot and four legs?

I hope lot of you are able to solve this one!


Leon - Thank you so much for your poem, I will have a chat with Mr T and see what we can do to help you publish it.

Look at this amazing rabbit that Harriet and her mum are making. Can’t wait to see it when it is finished!

Amazing African mask made by Libby!

Reggie and Dottie - Thank you so much for saying hi to me!


Enjoy your learning today and stay safe


Miss Hart 🤪

Thursday 2nd April


Wow, I was so lucky yesterday! First of all, Georgia, Katelyn, Paras, Leon and Jack R all took the time to solve my riddle! The answer was of course a teapot. Then I was so lucky that Jessica sent me her own version of one of my favourite books - ‘I want my hat back!’ But look how she did it!

So Jessica made lots of biscuits with mum and James to help her re tell the story. I love your ending where all of the animals get hats - it must have taken you a long time to cut out all of those hats!


Then I was so honoured to be able to have my own singalong at home when I was sent this amazing piece of piano playing!

Amazing piano playing!

Still image for this video

So you see how lucky I was yesterday! Thank you all so much for staying in contact with me - it really does brighten my day!


So here is todays riddle

Mary’s father has five daughters - Nana, Nene, Nini and Nono. What is the fifth daughters name?


Good luck with this one! I hope to hear from you all later!

Stay safe, Miss Hart 😊

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning everyone and welcome to the month of April!


Well done to Harriet and Leon who guessed the answer to yesterdays riddle correctly - it was an envelope!


So here we go with todays riddle

What begins with T, finishes with T and has T in it?


Leon, am so happy to hear that you are able to continue your piano lessons virtually. I bet you are getting so good now - can’t  wait for you to play something for me!


Hope you all have a good day. Stay safe!

Miss Hart 😝


Tuesday 31st March


Good morning all and welcome to the last day of March! Thank you to James, Katelyn, Jessica B, Paras and Georgia who answered my riddle yesterday. The answer was ‘Are you asleep?’ - you can never answer yes to that because you would be asleep!


Here is todays riddle for you


What begins with an E but only has one letter in it?


Let me know what you think the answer is. Don’t forget to email me to let me know what learning you doing and anything else creative that you have been up to. Hearing from you all really cheers me up!


Hope you all have a good day and stay safe

Miss Hart 😁


Monday 30th March


Good morning everyone! I hope you all remembered that the clocks went forward yesterday and that we are now officially in British Summertime even though for me that meant rain and hail. Did you all have some strange weather yesterday?


The answer to my riddle on Friday was of course a Piano - well done to Katelyn, Jessica B, Leon, Phoebe,Jack, Aarna, Paras, Freya and Heidi who all got that correct! So, todays riddle


What question can you never answer yes to?

Also, a new word of the week for you. So many of you were right in saying that unprecedented means not known before or not done before. We are living in unprecedented times right now. So this week’s word is



I like this word as it is fun to say! Let me know what it means and see if you can use it in any of the writing tasks that your teachers have set you.

Have another fun day learning at home and feel free to let me know about anything interesting that you are doing - I love to hear from you all!


Stay safe, Miss Hart 🥳

Friday 27th March


Morning all! Bit of a chillier start to the day, I am going to have to defrost my car before I drive into school. I blame myself, I wore flip flops yesterday - Miss Sexton told me I was mad!!


Thank you to Cameron in Australia class and Leon who got the answer to my riddle correct yesterday - the answer was silence. Cameron, thank you for asking me if I’m ok. I am very well thank you apart from cold feet after the flip flop incident! I hope your shepherds pie was good!


Right, my riddle for the day is

What has 88 keys but cannot open a single door?

Let me know what you think the answer is to this. 

Yesterday, a very strange thing happened to me. I was in the library putting out some new books (I will share some pictures of these later) and I got trapped by a penguin (have a look on Sri Lanka class page to see the evidence). I believe I am not the only one to have met him. Can anyone help me as I was trapped by him in the library for ages! Where has he come from? What does he want? Any advice would be greatly received!


Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from more of you today!

Miss Hart 🙃

Thursday 26th March


Good morning all! Hope you were all able to get into the garden yesterday and enjoy the beautiful weather. Thank you to Leon, Freya, Harriet and Mr Trodd who all had a go at solving my riddle yesterday. The correct answer was seven! An odd number to start with then remove the ‘s’ and it leaves you with even! 


Leon, in answer to the riddle you set me, I think the answer is a tablet or a laptop. Am I right? Mr Trodd, in answer to the riddle that you set me, I think the answer is a stamp. Am I right? Thank you all so much for sending me your riddles and asking if I am ok - I am fine thank you very much. Hearing from all of you is making me a lot happier!


So, the riddle for today is


What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?


You know what to do if you think you have the answer! Also, I hope that you are all doing lots of reading, tell me what books you have been reading and if they are any good.


Look forward to hearing from you all today!


Miss Hart 🤪

Wednesday 25th March


Morning all! It’s was so lovely to hear from you all yesterday. Well done to Mr Trodd who also guessed the answer to my riddle correctly, the answer was of course a towel!! I think I am going to need to make it harder today so here we go!


I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?


Don’t forget to email me with what you think the answer is and also set me a riddle to solve to keep my brain working - just like Leon did yesterday.


I have loved seeing pictures of your work and also it made me really happy to see you reading - Lewis, was great to see you reading your David Walliams book in the garden. You will have to tell me how good it is, maybe give me a recommendation to see if I should read it or not - I love it when people tell me which books they have enjoyed.


On the subject of David Walliams, he is releasing a free audio book at 11am each day for you to listen to. The link for that can be found on his website


Let me know if you listen.


Have another good day and continue with all of your amazing learning.

Miss Hart😊

Wow, Jake has already been able to solve the riddle. He used a very sensible technique to help him work out the answer - I will share it with you later, don’t want to give you too much help!


Thank you to Ayisha for all of the synonyms you sent me - wont share those yet as don’t want to give too much away.


A mystery is solved too - the amazing work that I shared yesterday was from Lillie-Denise. Well done you for working so hard to find out the meaning of the word of the week!

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning to you all! As promised, I am here with a challenge for you this morning (teachers and parents feel free to join in too!). I shall be providing you with a daily riddle to solve - email me with what you think the answer is. I will then reveal the answer and those who got it right tomorrow! You can even send me some challenging riddles too - I will do my best to answer them. So today’s riddle is


What becomes wetter the more it dries?


I look forward to seeing who can solve this! Remember to email me with this, word of the week and anything else you would like to share with me!


Keep learning from home and am looking forward to hearing from you


Miss Hartwink

Well, we have someone who has been able to solve my riddle and find out the correct meaning of the word of the week - well done to you Heidi. Thank you so much for sharing your learning with me too, you have been very busy already! Can’t wait to see if anyone else can solve my riddle!

Well done to Harriet, Alisha and Leon who have all correctly solved the riddle! It’s obviously too easy so a much harder one tomorrow!


Well done to Leon and someone who hasn’t sent me their name (but I shall attach your work below) for their great definitions of the word of the week. (Love the huge dictionary Leon, you wouldn’t be able to carry that in your bag!) Leon, in answer to your riddle, I believe the answer is a mountain and the riddle is taken from one of my favourite books, The Lord of the Rings!

Loving Heidi’s home learning!

Who does this fabulous work belong to?


Monday 23rd March

Hi everyone! I hope you have enjoyed your first day of learning at home. Welcome to my page! I thought this would be a great way for us to still do our word of the week. This week our word will be




Do you know what it means? Are you able to use it in a piece of writing? Can you think of any synonyms for it or where the word comes from? If yes is the answer to any of these questions, email me at I will check my emails everyday and share with you who knows what the word means. Then, on Friday, I will reveal the meaning and share the word for next week. Also, feel free to email me just to let me know what you are up to.


One final thing, I will be setting up a daily challenge starting tomorrow, you will have to come back to my page to find out what it is.


Be back here tomorrow! Stay safe, Miss Hartsmiley