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Monday 11th January

Good morning everyone and welcome to Term 3 week 2!


Let's keep going with all your fantastic learning in the same way you did last week laugh


To start the day, head over to Miss Sexton's page - the chocolate raffle is being drawn and it goes live at 9am!


Today your maths is going to build on what we did last week - percentages.

You have now learnt all the skills you need to find the percentage of any amount.  How fantastic is that??

Remember place value is so important and is one of the main skills you need and it is absolutely OK to write out your place value to help - it is what we would do if we were in class together.

Also remember the golden rule about the decimal never moves!


Watch the video from Miss Hart and then have a go at the questions.


Year 6 % lesson 4

This is "Year 6 % lesson 4" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

If  you need to keep watching the video as a reminder then please do - it's important that we follow all the steps to get the answers.

Remember to show your working out when you try these questions:


99% of 300 = 

98% of 500 = 

11% of 800 = 

23% of 400 = 

43% of 440 = 

57% of 550 = 

64% of 210 = 

46% of 330 = 

77% of 700 = 

32% of 2000 = 

Some of these will be tricky, I have included questions that mean you will need to work with decimals.


If you need help remember to email in and I will show you how to solve the answers.




Your other maths challenge is continuing with the work from the maths four operations booklets in your packs.

This time you are working on division problems in context.  That means you are using the great skills you know and applying them to questions with words.  You are fantastic at these so they shouldn't take you too long.  Just remember to show your working out - that way you can easily spot mistakes you may make.


For English we are continuing with your work on Monsters!

I am loving some of the ideas you have sent in for your information texts and cannot wait to see how your writing goes today!

Please do not worry about completing activities 7 and 8, you have already done them in a different way.

Ask an adult at home if they can complete activity 9 with you.  Just like when we are in school and we talk through our plans, think of your adult as your learning partner - see of they ask you questions to explain your monster further!


Now here comes the really exciting part......we are starting the week off with a DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD!!!!!!!!

Activity 10 is all about writing your information texts about your monsters.

Make sure you have all your work out you have done last week to help you with this.

Think about:

- interesting subheadings (remember we love alliteration with these)

- variety of sentence openers

- challenging vocabulary

- range of Year 6 punctuation

- make it eye catching!

- you can include diagrams and pictures 


Remember to send in pictures of your learning laugh

How did your games go on Friday?


I loved playing some of them over the weekend smiley  I've extended the amount of time you have to do them because it looks like some of you still need time to finish.


Head over to Purple Mash for your creative activity today.

I would like you to think about your game and what makes it unique.  IF it was going to be sold in the shops, what would make people want to buy it?

Use your persuasive skills to make people want to download the app for your game!


Have fun!

Have a fantastic first day back at school this week.


Please spend time on MyOn trying to reach your targets,  I will be checking these later in the week.


Remember to send pictures in of your learning - I cannot wait to see how you are doing.


We are starting work of the week assemblies next week, so I am now keeping an eye out for some super home learning I can send to Miss Sexton for a certificate laugh


Miss Marshall xx