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Monday 18th January

Happy Monday!


Today there is going to be a mixture of learning from our new topic work, from your new pack and your old pack.  Don't worry if you do not have your new pack yet, I will put pictures on here of the work like I did last week.  For some of you it isn't always easy for an adult to get to school to please don't worry.  Everything you will need can be seen on here laugh.


You can do the work in any order you like - there is a timetable on our main class page that you can follow to help if you would like, it is very much like our school day.  Sometimes it isn't easy to do this because you might have siblings that need to use the computer or you might even be helping younger ones with their work too.  Just do your best and you'll find a pattern that works for you.






Today we are starting a new unit it maths, it is looking at decimals.


You are fantastic at these, just keep thinking about your place value and remember you can always write it out to help you.  We will be looking at numbers to 3 decimal places.


Watch this video from Miss Hart to help you:

Decimals Lesson 1

This is "Decimals Lesson 1" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Now have a go at using your knowledge of numbers to 3 decimal places to answer these questions.


Just like when we are in school, start off looking at the questions with VF in the corner - this is where you get to practice the skills you need.

Then move on to the R/PS in the corner questions.  This is where you can apply the skills.

When we are in school together we would only usually do one side of each, but as you are at home and we are not starting with white board work together, please complete both columns.  Remember to do all your VF before moving on to your challenge of R/PS.


For the other part of your maths, please go back to the pack from last week.


This time you are going to practice your prime numbers.  A prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself and 1.



We are continuing with the work from your packs last week.


Today you are practicing your work on pronouns.  Read the instructions carefully and complete the activities.


As it is SPAG, it is especially important that that you double check your spelling...…..and your handwriting should be fabulous!


Exciting times - we are starting a brand new book to go with our topic of GOLD!


Now in true Sri Lanka class style...… I am not going to give away the name of our new book.  Instead you are going to have a picture clue.  

Your challenge for today is to look very closely at the picture.

- what can you see in the picture?

- who can you see in the picture?

- what time period do you think it is set in?

- are there any clues about what the story may be about?


I would like you to write your prediction about what our new book will be about.


Then predict the title laugh


Head over to Miss Sexton's page to watch otday's assembly.

There will be assembly every Monday and Friday.

Creative Learning:

 This afternoon  we are going to start our Science unit 'The Circulatory system'.


Have a chat with someone at home.  

- What do you think this means?

- What do you know about the body?

- How do you think your body works?

- What do we mean by the word 'circulation'?


As an introduction to our new topic, watch this video:

(at the end there are a few suggestions - things are very different in the world right now compared to when this was made)

You now have free choice of showing what you have just learnt:

1 - you could write a couple of paragraphs explaining how it works and what you have found out


2 - you could draw and label a diagram to show how the circulatory system works based on what you learnt in the video.


If you feel like being super fancy you could do both!

Have a fantastic day and remember to send in pictures of your fantastic learning.


Miss Marshall xx