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Monday 22nd February

Good morning to you all and happy Monday!


Let’s have a look at what learning we are going to be doing today!



Today, you are going to need pages 3,4 and 5 from your number and place value workbook. The focus for today will be on ordering numbers. Don’t forget to line up your place value (remember what we did in the video for ordering decimals). Make sure you are writing the numbers correctly too - a digit in the wrong place can change the value of the number!


Guided Reading

Todays guided reading will focus around Sir Tom Moore - I am sure you already know who he is! Make sure you answer all the questions fully, using the information from the text to support your answers.


This term, we our going to continue with our learning about Treasure Island. Today, you are going to write in role as Jim. Please watch the first minute of the video below.

Treasure Island: A fight and the Hispaniola captured | BBC Teach

Jim cannot sleep. He knows something needs to be done, but he's not sure what.He slips away in the night, making his way towards the shore.Jim finds an old b...

Imagine you are Jim. What do you think his plan is? How will he be able to achieve this? Discuss this with your adult at home and then write his plan in the speech bubble provided in your plan. Remember, you are writing as Jim so you will need to write in the 1st person and imagine you are him at the time the text is set.

Creative Learning

For the next couple of weeks, all of our creative learning will be base around interesting islands.

Today, you will need the ‘island design activity sheet’ from your pack. Using what you learnt a loud grid references when you studied Shackleton, draw your island on the grid then plot where it is on the world map.


Use search engines safely, identify where your island is in the world and find our what the grid references are. Make sure you add lots of detail to your plan of the island - you might need it later on!