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Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February 2021

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week off, I know I did! I was so impressed with all your work last term, and now we have had a break I know you will be ready to do even more excellent work this week!


Your home learning packs are ready to collect from school but I have attached the worksheets on this page in case you can’t collect the pack yet.


Have a lovely first day back!


Miss Miles x


P.S. Just to let you know, the sheet in the picture below has managed to sneak it’s way into your home learning packs and it shouldn’t have! I must have photocopied a scrap piece of paper without realising! Sorry about that! Pay no attention to the sheet; use it for scrap paper, draw on it, cut it up, I don’t mind!




Saisha- Great maths work, you have done a super job drawing the pictogram! Well done for completing your spellings and your English prediction too.


Lewis - Well done for completing all the work today! You have worked really hard, I love your English prediction! You have also shown super understanding of pictograms. Well done!


Ruby I - Fantastic work today, I love your prediction of the book, and great maths work too! You have shown great understanding of pictograms!


Jessica B - I love the picture of the Fashion Plates toy, it looks like a lot of fun! Well done for completing your work at school today too.


Swettha - What a great prediction of what the book may be called! ‘The Boat and Me’ sounds like a brilliant book! Really well done!


Ruby P - Great science work, it is good to see what you already know! Lovely maths work too, very neat as always! You are showing super understanding of pictograms already!


Oliver - Well done for all your work today and for doing your star reading test, you have done a lot today! You have done a great job with the maths work and I like your prediction too. 


Austen - I am keeping hold of the photo of you holding our new English book until tomorrow so that it doesn’t give away the title just yet! I am really pleased you have started to read it already though!


Libby - lots of great work on your first day back! Well done for completing the maths and for writing a great prediction in English! I loved looking at the pictures of you and your brother!


Areeb - Great work today, you have shown super understanding of pictograms! Well done for practising your spellings and completing the science too.


For maths today we are moving on to a topic called statistics. Now, we have all looked at tally charts and tally marks in class together, so use what you know about that to help you today.


Statistics is a type of maths where we collect information (called data), and present the data in different ways so that we can understand it.


To start us off this term, we are focusing on pictogramsA pictogram is a chart that uses pictures to represent data, like this one underneath!



Watch the short video below to help you more with today’s learning.


Good luck!



You all did such a good job of learning your spellings last term, well done! Today we have some new spellings to practise! All the words for this week’s spellings are homophones (words that sound the same when you say them but are spelt differently and have different meanings)


You can practise them with some pyramid spelling, rainbow writing, or any other way that you can think of.


Here they are!











New book alert! Cast your mind back to before Christmas when we were reading Pugs of the Frozen North - the authors, Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre, have got another brilliant book called... Well, I’ll save that information for another day! Here is the cover (without the title!)


Now, your task today is to:


1. Predict what you think this book will be about and what the title might be. You might think it is going to be an adventure book,   or a crime book, or a scary book! Tell me what you think and why. Remember to use sentence starters like ‘I predict that’ or ‘I believe that’!


2. Write any questions you have about the book before we read it, for example:

Which kind of animal’s tail is in the background?

How old is the man on the cover?


Write your answers in as much detail as you can and we will see if you are correct when we read the book!


A new term means a new Science topic! This term we are going to be learning about Forces, and to do this we will be using magnets! It would be great if you could find some at home, there may be some on your fridge door so don’t forget to check there (any magnet will do though!) If you don’t have any, don’t stress! All our learning can be done without a magnet to hand for now.


Today, as always at the start of a new term or topic, I would like you to grab the Knowledge Organiser and KWL Grid for this unit of work (titled Forces) and fill in the first 2 boxes on the KWL grid.

The first box should include anything you already know about forces and magnets.

The second should be anything you would like to find out about during this topic!