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Monday 1st June

Monday 1st June 2020               1.6.20

Well, here we are at the beginning of Term 6 and also the beginning of another month.  Now we will have to get used to writing .06. in our short date.  I bet I keep writing .05. for the next few days.


I know that most of you will be collecting your new home learning packs throughout today so we are going to ease gently into our home learning!


Ready?  Here we go...!

Picture 1

I would like you to log in to Times Tables Rockstars and spend some time on there today (maybe in several 'bursts' throughout the day).  There may be a gig waiting for you so make sure you complete that.


Make sure that you stay in a game all the way to the end - the more you practice the better.  Remember - times tables are one of the most important skills needed to be a confident mathematician!

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Your spellings for this week are ready to be learnt! Make sure to keep practising them ready for the spelling test on Friday. You don’t have to write them down, you can just spell them in your head or out loud. If you’d like to practice them by doing some pyramid or rainbow writing, you can do that too. Here they are:











These words are focusing on our prefixes dis- and in-.


Remember that this prefix means not.  For example inability means not having the ability (skill) to do something.  For example: He has an inability to ride in a straight line when riding his bike.

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Today I would like you to think about your holiday and choose something you did.  It can be anything you like.  I know with the restrictions it might not be a day out somewhere, but think about something you really enjoyed doing.  It might be a game you played on your computer, a film you watched, a den you built in the garden, a walk you went on.  Something like that.


I would like you to write an interesting paragraph about it in your home learning book and illustrate it as well.


In your writing, think about:

* Capital letters and full stops
* Interesting sentence starters

* Adding detail to make it interesting

* Include thoughts and feelings

Beautiful joined handwriting.


I expect you to write a good length paragraph - not just a couple of sentences!!


I’ve spoken with Mr Trodd and it seems like he’s had some fun DIY projects to complete. Here is the sort of thing I’d like to see, beautifully illustrated by Mr T himself:


Picture 1

One more term!

Might be a bit difficult going back to school work after a week off but do your best to keep calm and relaxed. I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up on my reading, why don’t you do that too? Find your favourite books you haven’t had time to read and get cracking!


keep up the good work Hobbits!


Mr Tooher 🐼