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Monday 25th January

Happy Monday!


Today we are continuing with our home learning.  Remember to check out the PE activities and try and get 30 minutes of exercise each day.  You don't have to complete one of the suggestions, you may like to go out for a family walk - Harvey loves to take his dog for a walk and this is great exercise!


This week for maths we will be revising the different things we have covered not only this term, but just before Christmas.

Today you will be using your dividing skills to solve more complicated problems.

Remember to do al the working out and check you have completed each stage correctly - working out means you can spot your mistakes more easily.

You will need your multiplication skills to help.

You need to complete this sheet today:

Your second maths activity is to go back to your four operations pack.


You need to complete the multi-step word problems.  Here you will need to use all 4 operations and check that you have completed each step of the word problem.


Today you are finishing off your SPaG pack activities.

You are going to be applying all the techniques you have learnt last week to the 10 minute test at the end.  

Please do not worry about timing yourself.  You can take as log as you need to complete it.


If you are unsure about the answer, go back through your learnign from last week and check to help you.


Exciting times!!!

Today you are going to be writing your balanced argument that you planned on Friday.


Remember all the features of a balanced argument that you need to include:

- opening statement (why you are writing it)

- reasons FOR Jim and his mum keeping all the money

- reasons AGAINST them keeping all the money and just taking what they are owed

- concluding statement


Also include the following:

- detailed sentences

- vary your sentence structure

- vary your openers

- clear paragraphs

- full range of year 6 punctuation


Remember to stop regularly to check you have included all these features and to edit and improve your writing.


Creative writing:

Today we are going to be doing something al little different to our usual topic work for our creative learning.

Today is a special day for the people of Scotland - Burns Night!


Your challenge is:

- find out what it is

- why is celebrated?

- how they celebrate it


Then, I would like you to plan a special burns night supper using their traditional foods.  Think about entertainment for your guests as well.


Have fun and I cannot wait to see your party plans!

Have a fantastic day and remember to send in picture of your learning for us to share.


If you need any help just email and I will get back to you.


Miss Marshall xx