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Monday 28th June


Please start the morning with AR - Simra needs to recruit her full army!

Don’t forget you can still quiz from home!



We are going to continue our brilliant problem solving work that we started last week. So here is todays problem!

This is a logic problem so you are going to have to work systematically once again. Start by drawing a table to put your results in. First, use the facts that you already know, then eliminate things by using what you know can’t be true. Then you should be left with the answers!


*Work systematically

*Draw a table 

*What do you already know?

*What can’t be true!


Have fun with this and I will put the answers up for our green pen time in the morning!


We are going to continue with ‘Around the world in 80 days’. First of all you need to watch this clip.

Around the World in 80 Days 5 The Suez Level 6 By Little Fox

The Suez

Today you are going to be writing in role as Detective Fix. You think you have found the bank robber! Obviously, there were no emails or texts to convey this information so you need a write a letter to Scotland Yard, informing them that you have found the criminal and need to get a warrant for his arrest as soon as possible! Remember to think about the language you are going to have to use and why you are convinced that you have got the right man!

*Use evidence from the text/video

*Use appropriate language

*Demonstrate the urgency and need for speed

*Imperative verbs (must, get etc)

* Year 6 writing expectations


This afternoon there are 3 things I would like you to do

1 - TTR - lets rack up those points while we have a greater opportunity

2 - Get some exercise - play in the garden, put some music on and have a dance - anything you like really!

3 - Information poster about the Suez Canal 

At the end of the video, you heard Passepartout talking about the Suez Canal. Re watch that part of the video and use your safe internet searching skills to find out more about it. This could inclue

*Where it is located

*Dimensions of it

*How much it cost to be built

*How long it took

*Impact on trade and travel

*Features in the news

*Any other interesting facts


You can present this in any way you want - a poster, written information, a PowerPoint - anything you like. Get creative!


If you need anything just email me and I look forward to hearing from you all today!


Miss Hart 🤪