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Friday 22nd May

Friday 22nd May 2020            22.5.20

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Maths Challenge Solution - Thu 21 May

Well done to: Sienna, Aarna, Talia and Rehan for having a go at the maths challenge!

Now, home learning wouldn't be home learning without some reasoning on a Friday would it?  Have a look in your home learning pack and find the sheet called Reasoning 3 (Part 2).


Remember to use all your excellent skills in maths, read the questions carefully and think about how written methods and jottings will help you to be as accurate as possible

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There were some very creative ideas for shirts that the shirt machine could create.  If you haven't already seen them, head over to the gallery to take a look.  


Today I would like you to design a poster that could advertise your shirt.  


Here is an example that Mr Trodd made (I’ve been told to say a big thanks to Bhuvi from Egypt Class - Mr Trodd borrowed her shirt design for his poster!!).

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Notice that Mr Trodd has tried to make it really persuasive so that people would want to buy it.  Here is an explanation of the different techniques that he used to make it persuasive.  Hopefully it will help you with your own poster.

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We have been working towards this all week and now it is finally time for an end of term treat - movie afternoon!  


So, get the snacks, give out the tickets and settle down for a relaxing treat!


Why not send in a photo of you enjoying the movie that I could add to the gallery page?  Email


I know I am going to enjoy watching The Lord of the Rings yet again!!

My family aren’t very happy about watching it so I was banished to the corner... Hopefully your movie night is a lot more cosy than mine!!

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I can’t believe just how quickly the time has passed. It seems like only yesterday this all started. You have all been amazing with the amount of work you have completed. Hopefully you have enjoyed completing the home learning! I know I have enjoyed setting it, and joining in every so often! Take some time to relax and enjoy your half term, enjoy the weather as much as you can. Missing you all so much, lots and lots of love to every single one of you!


If you are ever having a bit of a down day, just remember (of course from The Lord of the Rings):


There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.


Au revoir Hobbits,

Mr Tooher 🐼