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Activity: Animal Syllable Counting

You will need: animal syllable counting worksheet, marker or pen 


Ask the child to identify the picture in the first box (“mouse”). Next, ask them how many syllables there are in the word “mouse”. They can clap the syllable, use their fingers to count the syllables, etc. 


Once they have correctly identified the number of syllables, ask them to circle or colour the number below the image (eg. colour “1” if there is only one syllable, etc.) Do this for page 1.


Next, the aim would be for your child to say the word and colour the corresponding number of syllables independently. Do this for page 2.


Finally, challenge your child to colour the number that corresponds to the number of syllables without saying the word. Do this for the remaining pages.


If you don’t have this week’s home learning pack, you can download the worksheet below.