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Monday 22nd February

Good Morning Turkey Class,


Welcome back to Term 4! We hope that you all had a super half term and found lots of fun and exciting things to do at home with your families.


It’s lovely to hear the birds singing and see blue skies and even a bit of sunshine, spring is definitely on it’s way. If you go outside to play in your garden or you go for a walk with your family see if you can spot any signs that spring is on it’s way. Have a look at the birds or just stand and listen to their beautiful singing. See if you can spot any flowers starting to grow. I spotted some really pretty purple flowers on my walk yesterday.


We hope that you have all managed to pick your new work packs up from the Foxes Den. 


Today for Guided Reading you will need Guided Reading Activity 1 -

Today we are going to be practising some of our key words. We would like you to read the word and then see if you can write the word really neatly. Then have a go at reading the sentence and filling in the missing key word and finally have a go at writing your own sentence including the key word. Remember to use your best handwriting. 


We are very excited as we are going to be starting a new book in English. We are not going to tell you the name of the book yet though! Instead we would like you to look at the two pictures on your English sheet. You will need English Activity 1 -

Our new book is all about the man in the picture. Have a look at the first picture. Who do you think the man is? What would you like to know about the man in the picture? We would like you to use the question words to write some questions that you would like to ask the man in the picture. Remember to look carefully at how to spell the question words. Don’t forget that a question needs a question mark too. Then turn your sheet over and think of some questions to ask the man now. Would you ask the same questions or would you ask different questions? For an extra challenge see if you can use different question words for each question. 


For Maths we are going to warm our brains up by counting backwards from 100 all the way to 0 -


Count Backwards from 100 by 1's

Then we would like you to complete the matching sheet - 


See if you can match the numbers and words.


After that you will need Maths Activity 1 -

You need to find ways to spend different amounts of money. On the first sheet you will need to look at how much money you have to spend and then see if you can use the different amounts at the top of the page to make that amount for example if I had £5 to spend then I could buy the slinky dog for £4 and the yo-yo for £1 because I know that 4 + 1 = 5. On the following sheet you need to look carefully at the part whole model or the number sentence and solve the problem. Remember in the part whole models on your sheet, the number in the top circle will be the whole number so that will be the amount of money you have to spend and the numbers in the bottom two circles will be the two parts that add together to make the whole number so that will be the items that you can buy. Don’t forget to write your number sentences too. 
For Phonics we are going to be learning and practising the ‘ue’ sound - 

'ue' Words

You will need Phonics Activity 1 -

Pick two colours and colour all of the real words with one colour and all of the nonsense words with a different colour. Then see if you can use the real words in sentences, you don’t have to write the sentences down but can just say the sentences to your adult. 


This afternoon there will be an assembly on Miss Sexton’s page so make sure you don’t miss that.


After that it will be time for Independent Learning. We have added a list of ideas for Independent Learning here - 

You also have lots of fantastic ideas of your own too that you can use for Independent Learning time. 


Please send us an email at to let us know how your day has been. You can send us pictures of your work or you could just send a short message to say ‘Hi’, we would really like that. 

Our story today is called Cloudspotter - 


Have a brilliant Monday. Keep being superstars and making people smile.


Miss Pearce and Miss Hussain