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Monday 1st March

Good Morning Turkey Class,


We hope that you all had a super weekend and managed to get out in the sunshine.


This week is our last week of home learning and next week we will all be back together again in class. Hooray! The classroom is all ready for you and we are both really excited to see you all again as we have missed you all lots. 


We also have another piece of exciting news about this week too - on Thursday it is World Book Day so we will be doing lots of work about books. If you would like to, you can dress up as a book character on Thursday, don’t worry if you do not have a costume as you can create one using your own clothes and a little imagination.


Thank you for all of your fantastic work last week, you are all doing such a brilliant job with your home learning and you should all be really proud of yourselves too.


For Guided Reading today you will need Guided Reading Activity 6 -

We would like you to practise reading and writing your key words. There are lots of pages so you might just want to read and write all of the words, you could read and write them all and then pick a few to write sentences for or you might be feeling really keen and want to complete all of the sheets over the next few days.


For English we would like you to play this game - 

The game helps you to think about spellings, punctuation and whether a sentence makes sense. We also love the Karate Cats too!


After that you will need English Activity 6 (the title on yours is a bit bigger than ours, ours has shrunk!) - 

We would like you to create a poster about how to stay safe on the moon. What things do you think you would need to do to stay safe on the moon? Here are some ideas for you -


Always wear a spacesuit and space boots

Always wear a space helmet

Beware of craters

Put your litter in the bin

Beware of low flying rockets


Remember to make your poster bright and colourful and to fill the page. At the bottom of your poster write a caption to match your poster. Here is an example for you - 

We are looking forward to seeing your posters later today.


For Maths we would like you to start with Maths Activity Mat 3 - 

See if you can complete the mat independently and then click the link below to check your answers - 

Then you will need Maths Activity 6 -

You need to cut the number facts out. Then you need to match them. Some of the number facts do not have a partner therefore you will need to draw a representation for that number fact. You could draw a part whole model, a number line, objects or you could write the number sentence.


For Phonics today we are learning and practising ‘ey’ - 


You will need Phonics Activity 6 - 

Pick two coloured pencils or pens and colour the real words one colour and the nonsense words a different colour.


This afternoon there will be an assembly on Miss Sexton’s page so don’t miss that.


After that it will be time for Independent Learning. Don’t forget to let us know what you get up to today in Independent Learning time.


Today we would also like you to talk to your adult about what you are looking forward to about returning to school. Are you looking forward to seeing your friends, learning Maths, playing on the playground, reading and writing about our new book, singing time with Miss Hart, PE with James? Then maybe you could draw a picture or just send us an email about what you are looking forward to.


Our story today is called Goodnight Spaceman and it is being read by Tim Peake. We read about Tim Peake last week in Guided Reading, can you remember who he is?

Goodnight Spaceman

Have a marvellous Monday.


Miss Pearce and Miss Hussain