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Short Stories

Watch the story of The Hungry Dragon.

The Hungry Dragon

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Activity #1: Vocabulary and Comprehension

Here are some questions you can ask your child about the story.


  • Where does the dragon live?
  • What did the dragon want after waking up?
  • Who did the dragon meet?
  • What did the dragon want to do to the boy?
  • What food did the boy give the dragon?
  • Was the dragon full after eating all the food?
  • Where did they go next?
  • What did the dragon eat in the restaurant?
  • Where did they go after that?
  • What did he eat in the shop?
  • What did the boy have in his pocket?
  • What happened to the dragon when he ate the sweet?


Next, use the hungry dragon worksheet. Match the picture to the word by connecting the dots. Children will need support in reading the words.





Activity #2: Draw a Picture

Use the plate template provided. Ask your child to draw and describe the food they will eat if they were a dragon.


If you were a dragon, what will you eat?


If you don’t have this week’s home learning pack you can download the worksheets below.