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Monday 5th July

Good morning Kenya class! 


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some sunshine, and some showers! 

If anybody would like to let me know what they have been up to this weekend please do send me an email, I’d love to know.


This morning we are starting with Phonics as normal. Could you look at the following sound mats and check you know all the sounds for your phonics group.


Mrs K’s phonics group: Phase 2 

Mrs Beatty’s phonics group: Phase 2 and phase 3

Mrs Atkinson’s phonics group: Phase 3 and 5

For Maths today we are going to practice our addition using problem solving! Remember, just because our Maths is put into words in a word problem it doesn’t make it more scary! 

You could use dried pasta to help you, counters, coins, a ruler (for a number line), you can draw things to help you..lots of ways we have learnt this year to help us to work out the answer to questions.

Try these ones first and if you want a challenge afterwards you could try out challenge ones but they are very tricky so read them carefully! 




For English today I would like you to find your favourite book at home. This could be a story book or an information book. Please can you draw me the front cover of your book and write a sentence about why it is your favourite book. 

I will be asking you to bring your favourite books to our Zoom call on Tuesday, so this is preparing for that. 


This afternoon I have a spot the difference for you to do! It’s all about the seaside. I would like you to find the differences between these two pictures and then draw or write what they were. 
For Example:


Bucket red         

Bucket blue


swimming costume stripy

swimming costume spotty


Have fun and look carefully! 

Have a lovely day and don’t forget - story time at 2.30pm today! 


Mrs Atkinson