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Monday 5th July

Goo morning my lovelies - not long now until we get to see each other again! I can’t wait; it is far to quiet without you here!



You are getting so good at these investigations so here is another one for you.

You will need to use your knowledge of multiples, primes and other number facts to help you solve this one!! Good luck!



Today you should be finishing off your argument around whether elephants are a suitable form of transport or not. If you have already finished, spend today editing your work. Think about the following

*Punctuation and sentence structure

*Detail - have you PEE’d?

*Does it make sense?


*Vocabulary choices


I cant wait to see your finished versions!



This afternoon please start with AR as always - Simra still does not have a full army!


Then I would like you to try one of the following. I know it has been difficult being at home and the weather has not helped much so I want you to think about something to cheer you up this afternoon.

I think I am going to have a dance party this afternoon - it will keep me fit and make me feel good. You can choose anything to do this afternoon - however, it is not allowed to include the use of any screen! I look forward to seeing what you have chosen to do to cheer you up!


have a great day!

Miss you!

Miss Hart ☺️