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Monday 5th June 2021

Monday 5th June 2021

Good Morning Turkey Class,


I hope that you have had a brilliant weekend. 


We do have a zoom call today in the afternoon at 2pm. Please do come along as it would nice to see you all and I will be reading a story today.


Maths - Place Value Riddles Challenge Cards

For Maths today we are going to looking over something we have done previously in class. I would like you to chose 1 out of the 3 sets of challenge cards (they get increasingly harder).


Can you use the clues to solve the riddle and write the correct number?


I have put up a video about place value to refresh you minds. 

Place Value Introduction

English - Rainbow Writing / Handwriting


Practice writing the list of words (below) in your neatest cursive handwriting.


Remember to start each letter on the line. Use the colours of the rainbow to write out each word 7 times.


See example below:


          Here is your word list:  


As we are missing PE today I thought you could do dance today for PE. It is a 30 minute video you do not need to do the whole video but give it your best go. Have fun !

.P.E. - Dance Lesson

Dance lessons created for children that are home schooling. www.key pe

Phonics -

You can use the link below to play some of the phonics games you play in class. Please choose the correct phase for the phonics group you are in.


Miss Pearce/Miss Hussain’s group - Phase 5


Mrs Beatty’s group - Phase 3


Mrs Kay’s group - Phase 2

Click on the link below and play the phonics game.

Storytime - 

For the story today you can attend the zoom call. I hope everyone has a lovely day and I look forward to seeing you on the zoom call this afternoon.


Miss Hussain :)