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Free School Meal Vouchers

Free School Meal Vouchers at Half Term

Anyone eligible for free school meals who needs extra financial support to help feed their children can now visit or call the dedicated helpline on 03000 41 24 24. Families have until next Monday 2nd November 5pm to apply. Families who apply will receive one supermarket voucher of £15 per child.


When you click on the link above please then click on the following (in the orange box) which is on the KCC site or click below on the words, Apply for holiday food vouchers. 

Food vouchers are available during the October school holiday if your child is eligible for free school meals. You can receive one £15 voucher per child. Apply for holiday food vouchers.

If your child is not currently eligible for free school meals or you are waiting for a benefit application to be approved and need food and supplies urgently, please contact Kent Together.