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School Welcome

Welcome To

Westcourt Primary School

Learn, Aspire, Achieve

Our Learning Journey


We learned about Chinese New Year by looking at different items related to the celebration. We also performed our own dragon dance and lion dance. 


We made Chinese lanterns and dragons.


We tested our sense of smell in a smelling pot challenge.


We went on a bear hunt.


We tested our balance, strength and agility through an obstacle course.


We made 2D shapes using different materials, such as lolly, sticks, sand and marshmallows.


We read The Snowy Day and discussed what snow feels like. We also talked about what we would do in the snow. We loved playing in our polar region small world area.


We read The Gingerbread Man and baked some gingerbread men.


We celebrated Christmas by making cards and crafts, having a party and performing a Christmas dance.

Nursery Presents: Boom Chika Boom Christmas

Please enter the password to watch the video. Enjoy!


We learned about Wassily Kandinsky and created our own version of The Tree of Life.


We made prints using bubble wrap and paint.


We watched a shadow puppet performance of The Three Little Pigs and retold the story with our friends in our small world area.


We went on an autumn-themed sensory exploration.


We collected leaves and made our own Leaf Man.


We built a tent using blankets and had a picnic.


We dressed up for Halloween and went around the school trick or treating.


We learned about Jackson Pollock and had a go at action painting.


We read the story of Leaf Man and made our own leaf men.


We read the story of The Little Red Hen and learned how to retell the story using hand puppets. We also helped make play dough. At snack time, we tried different types of bread. We voted for our favourite bread which were pretzel and tortilla.


We learned about the importance of washing hands. We conducted a soap and pepper experiment to see why we need soap to clean our hands.


We learned how to paint self-portraits.


We built structures and objects using Duplo and wooden blocks.


We made faces using different objects.


We learned how to sort objects in different ways, including by colour, by shape and by type.


We enjoyed playing outside — climbing up the ladder and going down the slide, riding bikes, constructing with planks, washing babies and cooking in the mud kitchen.